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By Drew Bryant
June 17th, 2023,

Brownells is known for producing its lineup of aftermarket slides for Glock pistols. Those slides could be put on a Glock frame or custom build from the ground up. Now, Brownells is offering custom slides for the SIG P320. The new slides are available for the P320, full size and compact. The slides feature front and rear slide serrations and standard iron sights. Brownells also offers an optics-ready version with an RMR footprint and a cut-out top window.

Below is the product description for Brownells’ P320 Full Size slide with RMR cut.

Product Description

The Brownells RMR Cut Sig P320 Full Size Slide is machined entirely from heat-treated stainless steel and features a black-nitride finish to protect it from corrosion and wear. The Brownells RMR cut slide features OEM-style rear serrations and additional front serrations for enhanced manipulation. The RMR cut slide also features a window cut on the top between the front serrations that reduces weight.

The machining on the Brownells RMR Cut Sig P320 Full Size Slide doesn’t end there; the slide also features a cutout sized to fit a Trijicon RMR red-dot sight as well as the Holosun HE508T, HS507C, and HS407C, allowing for fast, easy target acquisition. Internally, the slide is machined to Sig Sauer factory specs. Available with or without a window machined into the slide.

Includes patented optic cut technology pioneered by ZEV Technologies. Patent No. RE47335.

The new slides are currently available on the Brownells website. The P320 slides retail from $241.99-269.99, depending on options. The slides are currently on sale for Father’s Day. For more on Brownells’ P320 slides, click here.

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