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A week before Shot Show 2020 Trijicon announced a new rangefinder—the Trijicon Ventus. This new rangefinder has the ability to change the landscape of the rangefinder market moving forward. The new Ventus and Ventus X will be the world’s first handheld device with advance wind mapping and range detection. 

Technology within the Ventus 

Here is a  quick rundown of the technology inside the Trijicon Ventus rangefinder. The Ventus is powered by Doppler LIDAR engine which calculates three dimensional wind velocities at six different distances up to 500 yards. Giving the shooter the wind value and bullet drop at that wind value. The ability to range targets up to 5,000 yards and has a 9x optical zoom. The Ventus also comes along with the Trijicon Ballistic companion app. This app allows user to see more detail data from the Ventus.  The app gives users their geo-location, wind maps, range tables, and reticle holdovers. When it comes to features and technology the Trijicon Ventus is fully loaded. 

First Look

The technology inside the Ventus is immense. My concern was practicality and ease of use. The Ventus on display at Trijicon booth was an intuitive system. It has a four button layout of: menu, wind, range, and select. It is easy moving through menus and navigation is simple.

The Ventus rocks a monocular eye piece. I’m actually a fan of the monocular eye piece. I didn’t believe I would be because of the size of the Ventus. I believe it lended itself to a binocular setup but, I was wrong. The Ventus has great clarity and sharpness when looking through the eye piece. The reticle is clear and the information displayed within the reticle isn’t cluttered. Which is something else I was worried about with so much information being available to the user with the Ventus rangefinder. My first look at the Trijicon Ventus is a strong one. The Ventus has a lot to offer the long range shooter and hunter. Next, I want to discuss the companion Ballistic App from Trijicon.

The Trijicon Ballistic App 

The Ventus ranger finder is a technological heavy product. Trijicon’s Ballistic Companion App takes the range finder on a whole new level. The app is ridiculous on what it has to offer. It was only a visual mockup with no real data but, the real world data it can display is utterly ridiculous. The app can give you your location, wind map out to 500 yards, calculate your shot, and give the user his or her reticle solution. With the app this Ventus essentially becomes your spotter. With the Ventus it eliminates the need for a spotter. It allows you to engage in some long range shooting on your own without a partner. Which is dope. All in all the companion app seems like a wonderful bonus to an already stellar package of the Ventus.


The Ventus ranger finder will be due out in the second quarter of 2020. I wasn’t able to lock down an price of the Ventus. I was told by a Trijicon rep that they are aiming between $6,000-8,000 dollars. I know it’s pretty steep price but this is emerging technology that has never been available to the civilian market. Only the diehard long distance shooters need to apply. 

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