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At, Shot Show Nighthawk Custom announced the launch of its first of a kind Drop-In Trigger system for the 1911. The new Drop-In Trigger system or DTS by Nighthawk provides shooters a high quality, trigger job for the iconic 1911 pistol.

The DTS is simple to install and doesn’t require your 1911 to be sent to a gunsmith. The installation of DTS can be done in the time it takes to clean a 1911, according to Nighthawk. Nighthawk’s DTS offers consumers a crisp, clean break with an excellent trigger reset for their 1911s. The DTS trigger can be between 3.75-4 lbs. of trigger pull.

Below is the product description from Nighthawk Custom on their new Drop-In Trigger System.

When looking to upgrade the performance of a 1911 pistol, a common improvement sought by shooters is a high-quality trigger job, with a crisp, clean break. Until now, a high-quality trigger job has never been in the realm of a “drop-in” upgrade.

Nighthawk Custom has changed that with the introduction of our Drop-In Trigger System (DTS) for 1911 pistols. An all-in-one unit, the DTS replaces your existing hammer, hammer strut, sear, disconnector, and sear spring. Your existing sear pin and hammer pin will be retained for use with the DTS, but no other parts are necessary for installation. With a steel housing securing the unit, the DTS features all Fully Machined™, stainless steel internal components. The traditional three-pronged sear spring is no longer necessary as the springs for the disconnector and sear are built into the unit. A single-leg grip safety spring is included with the DTS to replace the existing sear spring.

Never has a high-quality trigger job been this simple for 1911 shooters. The Drop-In Trigger System is designed for use in most 1911 models, and installation is simple enough that minimal gunsmithing skills are necessary. With a proper safety check and minor gunsmithing skills, our Drop-In Trigger System can give your current 1911 a high-quality trigger job in the time it takes for a routine cleaning of your pistol.

Nighthawk Custom new DTS retails for $299. For more on the DTS check out Nighthawk Custom’s website.

What do you think of Nighthawk’s Drop-In Trigger System? Do you think the price is right? Let us know in the comments below.

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