Hey, everyone and welcome to snapshot. Snapshot will be short and to the point posts. Giving you my hot takes on firearms and gear, industry news, and news from the military and L.E. communities. I will try to implement these before I write boarder more detailed stories. I am only one man covering a lot of information and I like to do my due diligence and investigate all the facts. By doing that giving you sound and reliable information to make inform decisions. So, that’s a little rundown behind the idea of the snapshot articles and what the will be covering.

I know content is very slim right now. I apologize for that I am writing on a constant basis but, I don’t release a blog post until I think it is ready for consumption. So, even though I might only post content that has depth and substance a few times a week you will get your money’s worth. I am not trying to cheat anyone or behind on the news cycle. My goal is to be transparent and informative with all my content. So, know there is content coming and expect value for your time.

New Content

I will be adding some new content to the blog. I will be adding a section called weapons ID. Weapons ID will be where I talk about origins of firearms and the history behind them. I will also use weapons ID blogs to talk about iconic and famous weapons from movies and television. So, expect content like that soon. I will also start exploring great warriors of history and giving a insight to their philosophies, leadership traits, famous battles that they won or lost and the impact they had upon society and history. I have a few more content ideas brewing in my old noggin but, I will discuss those in another snapshot post potentially. I just wanted to be transparent and let it be known I am not trying to work on content creation.

Thanks for Reading.

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