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A Competitive Market

With a very robust optics market in the firearms industry you always have companies vying for your hard earned cash. This competition allows for innovation and for pricing to be competitive within the industry. With a little bit of research you can always find something within your budget to fit your needs as a shooter. You can always find solid build quality, good glass, good reticle variety, and decent price to boot. Yes, for the more expensive brands that quality will scale proportionally to the price obviously. Money allows for the finer things in life.
That’s where you have a brand like Holosun who over the past decade has worked to bring a broad range of scopes for shooters, hunters, law enforcement, and military personnel at an affordable price.

Holosun HM3X

Photo from Delta Mike

Holosun announced the release of their 3-power flip-to-the-side magnifier the Holosun HM3X. The HM3X was debuted to the public for the first time at Shot Show 2019 in late January. The new HM3X comes with clear glass and generous eye relief (2.75 inch eye relief) designed to pair with and augment Holosun’s red dot lineup.

The H3MX will allow for users to transition seamlessly from unmagnified to 3x magnification with a flip. The HM3X is housed in a durable aluminum body that is corrosion resistant, making it rugged and reliable under heavy use. It is IP67 water and dust rated(water resistant up to 1 meter of water up to 30 minutes) with a nitrogen gas purge. Which ensures the magnifier will hold up in damp and humid environments.

Holosun keeps its trend of versatility and value in all its products, and that is no expectation here. The unit includes a quick detach mount that can be rotated during magnifier installation to allow it to flip either to the right or the left. Additionally, the mount has hard stop positions that sit straight behind an absolute co-witness height optic or flipped-to-the-side at ninety degrees. Also included is a spacer that creates compatibility for lower 1/3 co-witness height optics.

The Holosun HM3X magnifier is available now through Holosun’s online retail store and authorized retailers. The HM3X will debut with an MSRP of $235.28 on Holosun’s website. Which makes the HM3X at a competitive price point within its product demographic.

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