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By Drew Bryant
January 31st, 2023,

Gemtech is well-known within the industry for making robust and innovative suppressor systems. That desire for innovation has led to their newest .30 caliber suppressor, the Neutron 7.62. The Neutron was designed to strike the perfect balance between size, strength, and weight. This suppressor can be used on a short-barreled rifle, designated marksman rifle, or hunting rifle. The Neutron is a full auto-rated suppressor for rugged use and various barrel lengths. Gemtech designed the Neutron to run 5.7x28mm to .300 WIN MAG reliably. The Neutron is made of stainless steel and titanium and finished with a high-temperature Cerakote.

Below are the product description and specs for the Neutron 7.62 suppressor.

Product Description

Featuring four of Gemtech’s latest patent-pending technologies, the versatile Neutron 7.62 strikes the perfect balance between size, strength, and weight. From a short-barreled machine gun to a favorite hunting rifle, the Neutron accepts a wide range of mounting hardware to better suit the host and task at hand. Its refined baffle and flash hider end cap designs mute muzzle signature, and the included ETM adapter and muzzle brake offer rapid mounting and perfect alignment. 


• Caliber Rating: 5.7X28MM – 300WM

• Length: 6.6″ w/o adapter

• Weight: 14.6oz w/o adapter

• 17-4PH Stainless Steel, 6AL4V Titanium

• High-Temp Cerakote finish

• Armornite, PVD muzzle device/mount finish

• Attachment: 1.375-24 (HUB), ETM (Included)

• Full Auto Rated

• Barrel Restrictions: 5.7X28: 3″, 5.56 NATO: 7″, 6MM ARC: 7″, 300BLK: 3″, 7.62X39: 7″, 308WIN: 12″, 6.5CM: 16″, 300WM: 16″

• Tubeless design eliminates unneeded weight

• High-Efficiency Baffle Design for high sound reduction

• Greater Wall Thickness than competitors for long-term durability and safety.

The Gemtech Neutron is available now and retails for $829 MSRP; with the $200 tax stamp, it will bring your total up to $1029 plus tax. For more on the Neutron and other Gemtech products, click here.

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