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By Drew Bryant
September 21, 2022,

Adept Armor is known for their Adept Storm Body Armor system. This system allows for you to start with base Level III plates and add up to Level IV protection with the addition of stackable plates in conjunction with the base Level III plate. Now, Adept Armor is proud to introduce their new lightweight Dragoon Plate Carrier. The new Dragoon carrier can be used as a minimalist carrier or as a traditional plate carrier by the end user. The new plate carrier from Adept can fit a wide variety of plates, gear, and accessories to setup the Dragoon plate carrier to meet the end user’s preferences.

The Dragoon Plate Carrier features padded shoulder straps with a slot to run hydration tube or equipment cable, a Velcro panel for mounting IR devices, patches, placards, and more. The Dragoon weighs in at little over 1.5 lbs when full configured.

Below, is the press release for the new Dragoon Plate Carrier from Adept Armor.

Press Release

When it comes to plate carriers, there are typically two types: covert and overt. The covert carriers can be concealed under clothing, but have an extremely limited feature set, while the overt carriers, which are fully-featured and much more robust, are at the same time unavoidably bulky. The Dragoon Plate Carrier bridges the gap between both plate carrier types and offers the best of both worlds. Inspired by its namesakes – the light mounted infantrymen of the early modern period, who, in their role as skirmishers, scouts, ambushers, and raiders, were forced to strike a delicate balance between firepower and extreme mobility – the Dragoon is a lightweight and ultra-low-profile plate carrier, yet one which is nevertheless fully configurable and comes with every bell and whistle one would expect of an overt carrier.

As a covert carrier, the Dragoon excels. It is exceptionally thin, has slick and low-profile surfaces, features removable high-density padding rather than bulky integral padding, and has no buckles or quick-release mechanisms that can print or get snagged under clothing. It securely fits very thin plates, such as the 0.2” Storm Titanium. It is also IR-treated, lightweight, and extremely hydrophobic so its wet weight is almost identical to its dry weight.

As an overt carrier, the Dragoon performs just as well. It was designed to be effective as a platform of rugged and durable construction. With tough materials, top-tier workmanship and stitching, a hidden admin pouch, cable guides, and low-profile laser-cut MOLLE on just about every surface, the Dragoon can be configured to meet the specific requirements of any mission.

The Dragoon Plate Carrier fits bulky plates just as well as it carries thin, low-profile armor plates, for its plate pockets are extremely adaptable. It is suitable for use with plates that run the size gamut from SAPI S to SAPI L, including 10 x 12” plates that don’t correspond to a SAPI side, shooter’s cut plates, and swimmer’s cut plates. This includes plates of virtually any thickness, up to and including 1.5.” It works exceptionally well with the Adept Armor Storm System, as it is capable of fitting the Foundation, an up-armor plate, and an additional trauma pad.

The new Adept Armor Dragoon Plate Carries is available now. The new Dragoon will retail for $220 on their website. For more on the Dragoon Plate Carrier or Adept’s armor, click here.

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