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In a nation where our calendar is setup around holidays. Companies who spend billions of dollars a year on advertising and promotions during the holiday seasons and events. It is easy to forget the true intent behind the Holidays we celebrate here in the U.S. I personally feel that a lot of Americans pay arbitrary lip service to the Holidays without taking a moment of reflection on the actual holiday event they are celebrating. I know I have been guilty of that myself.

On Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you will have companies, major social media influencers, and everyone and their momma with a post on Memorial Day. With a simple ”Happy Memorial Day” photo for their post. Or their post will have very cookie cutter response in the caption section. These types of posts and responses will be sprinkled around social media throughout the Memorial Day weekend.

The reason I bring all this up because Memorial Day is upon us. I know everyone will hopefully be enjoying good weather with family and friends. In our backyards and parks, grilling, relaxing, and having a good time on Memorial Day.

Yet, I don’t want us to forget the purpose of this holiday, which is to honor the brave Marines, Soldiers, Seamen, and Airmen that have fought and died for this country. They have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending the freedoms of this nation we cherish and hold so dear.

The men and women who died for this country took an oath to defend this nation. To defend this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic. We who have served in the Armed Forces believe in something greater than ourselves. We believe in the ideals, values, and freedoms that we possess here in this free and sovereign land. To the point where we have made the conscious decision to be in the front line defense of her ideals and values. In the defense of those freedoms many have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The price of that freedom has been high. Yet, we have as Americans never been unwilling to pay that price.

These patriots are the true heroes of this nation. The price of our freedom was their sacrifice in blood. In the defense of this great nation we call America. We have built Memorials to honor them and to remember their sacrifice for this nation. These Monuments of Stone that have been erected in their honor. Upon those stones, their names are etched unto the surface so the memory of their sacrifice can live on for eternity. To be a pillar and a beacon of hope. Those monuments are there to remind us of the true cost of our freedoms we hold so dear.

The row upon row of names etched upon those Memorials is testament to character of this nation. That we are people who believe in freedom, justice, liberty, and the personal freedoms of the individual. Each name on that monument is a testament to that freedom and our character as a nation. 

The lives of those patriots were ended in the forests of Belleau Wood and the Argonne during WWI. Those brave men sacrificed their lives on the Beach of Normandy. In the pacific on the beaches of Tarawa, Guadalcanal, to the black sands of Iwo Jima during WWII. On the cold plains of the Chosin Reservoir and amphibious assault on Inchon in the Korean War. To the jungles and fields of the conflict and war in Vietnam. To the urban environments of Mosul, Fallujah, and Ramadi in Iraq. To valleys and mountains of Helmand Province in Afghanistan. In these theaters of war the brave warriors of this country gave their all for this nation.

The battles, cities, and nations I mentioned add up to the the price of our freedoms. Americans has paid a heavy sacrifice to defend this country freedoms and liberties from threats around the world. Yet, we must be willing to pay that price to preserve those freedoms. Our way of life is a beacon of hope to the oppressed, downtrodden, and censored people of other nations. Our freedoms must be the lighthouse to guide nations and their people towards a free and justice government. Ruled by the people. Created for the people, by the people. 

The sacrifice of these heroes should never be forgotten. It is because of their sacrifice and belief in the character of this nation that we enjoy our freedoms. The freedom of speech, religion, and sex. The right to keep and bare arms. Checks and balances of government powers. The freedom of the individual. Their sacrifice has preserved those freedoms in this wonderful nation. 

On this Memorial Day and weekend, we should reflect upon that sacrifice and take time to honor The Fallen. There sacrifice of their blood, sweat, and ultimately their lives in the defense of our freedoms. The heroes of this nation have a steadfast belief in the character of this great nation. Those men and women have stood vigilant and protected our freedoms to the bitter end.  Now, we must stand watch upon their memory, memorial, and sacrifice. We must stand vigilant and preserve the freedoms and liberties they sacrificed for. Honor them and stand vigilant in preservation of those freedom we hold dear. For some gave all in the defense of this great nation.

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