On this day seventy-six years ago young men of the Allied Forces where preparing to raid the beaches of Normandy. Young American soldiers were preparing for the daunting task laid before them to secure Normandy beach, guarantee a Allied Victory, and change the course of the War.

Fear, anticipation, dread, hope, strength, and courage filled their souls all at once. Time beings to slow and thoughts race. As, they stand in the crowded boats heading towards the beach. Waves crashing upon them. While their hands shake and prayers leave their lips. As, they fly  above in the skies looking down preparing to jump into the conflict. The thoughts of these soldiers drift to and fro. Focused on loved ones thousand of miles away. Thoughts upon the battle ahead. Facing  their mortality as men. A cataclysm of emotions and thoughts happening in mere seconds. There is a stillness and gravitas in the air. History and the moment understands the gravity of which these young men bear. As, they prepare to land on beach of Normandy. 

The courage and bravery that these young men fought with on June 6, 1944 would lay the foundations for the Allied Victory in Europe. It was a devastating blow to Hitler’s Germany. It was a message to Hitler’s Germany and the Axis Powers that authoritarianism and oppressive regimes would not stand. That freedom, hope, and will of the people would prevail against the tyranny of evil men and their motives.

Many lives where lost upon the beach of Normandy that day. The blood of a generation was poured upon those sands and swept away into the Atlantic Ocean. The moment still echoes upon Normandy today and for eternity. Their sacrifice eternal. Their memory immortal. It is because of these young men we have the freedoms we enjoy. 

I will not try to use words to convey the sacrifice they paid that day in blood upon the beach of Normandy. Finding words to properly convey their sacrifice is daunting. In the end do them no justice.

Instead, I will let the photos of this day speak for the young men who fought and died that day. Those photos tell the story of the human condition in the midst of war and chaos. Of the horror, the pain, hopelessness, and fear of the human spirit. In the same breath let those photos show the courage, strength, and heroism of the human spirit that prevailed on D-Day. These photos immortalize and honor those men would paid with blood for the future of this nation and world. These images are a memorial to those brave men on this the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

 I will let these photos speak of their sacrifice. These photos tell through their powerful imagery all I could ever say. Words are not adequate nor do the serve to stir the soul in this matter. So, I say to you photos speak what all needs to be heard with your visuals. Show us the true sacrifice of freedom. 

These men paid the the price for our freedom with their sacrifice of blood and death on the beach of Normandy. Let this day be in remembrance to them. For all they have given to the future generations. Honor these men. It is because of these men we are free.

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