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Intel Summary

Around 8:40 am CST a man wearing tactical clothing and gear exchanges fire with Federal Officers outside of Earle Cabell Federal Building Monday morning. At the time of the shooting nearly 300 employees where inside the building when the active shooter opened fire, according to U.S. Attorney Erin Cox. One person inside the Federal building suffered minor injury while trying to move to a safe location with the building. 

The active shooter and Federal Protection Officers exchanged about 15-20 shots based on reports from eye witnesses. The active shooter was presumably shot and killed by Federal Protection Officers during the exchange of gun fire outside the Federal Building. The active shooter was found between two cars in a parking lot next to the Federal building when he was retreating from officers on scene. Only the casualty was the active shooter himself. 

The active shooter was identified by the FBI as Brian Isaack Clyde. Clyde was a US Army veteran who served from 2015-2017 as an infantryman. It is unclear of his status of discharge from the military. FBI officials are currently looking into his military record to learn more. 

Later Monday Morning Dallas EOD conducted a controlled detention of Clyde’s vehicle using a device attached to the trunk. Officials where unable to elaborate what led to the action. Clyde vehicle was rendered safe and taken into custody. 

Active Shooting Timeline

Note: The response time by the Federal Protection Officers, local Dallas Police & SWAT, EMS, and Dallas EOD left only one casualty the active shooter. So, this time line will be brief.

About 8:40 am CST

A man wearing tactical clothing and gear opened fire on Earle Cabell Federal Building. Federal Protection Officers find the active shooter outside of the building on the Jackson Street entrance of the building. Shots where exchanged between the active shooter and Federal Officers. The active shooter flees to the parking lot where Officers continue to engage when they have a clear view of the shooter. 

Around 9am+

Active shooter has been killed by officers responding to the active shooter threat. Later that morning EOD conducted a controlled detonation of Clyde’s vehicle and was taken into custody. 


The only casualty on scene was that of the active shooter Brian Isaack Clyde. One civilian reported minor injuries while trying to move to a safe place with the Federal Building. 

Active Shooter Intel 

Intel Source: Information about Clyde’s background will be coming from CNN, NBC 5 out of Dallas-Fort Worth. I will pull the information from their sources and make it coherent for the needs of this intel brief. All information was gathered through their investigative connections. 


Brian Clyde, NBC 5 has learned, previously lived in Dallas and attended Woodrow Wilson High School for a short time in 2012 before moving to Austin. He also lived in Corpus Christi and served in the U.S. Army from 2015 to 2017.

Military History

From 2015 to 2017, Clyde apparently served in the U.S. Army. In a video he posted on his Facebook page, he mentioned his service in the Army and said he’d been stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 

The US Army confirmed to CNN that Pfc. Brian Clyde served as an infantryman from August 2015 to February 2017.

The FBI confirmed Monday that Clyde was discharged in 2017 and that they were working with the Department of Defense to examine his military record and learn more about his friends and associates.

Criminal Record

NBC 5 did not uncover any criminal history and the FBI confirmed Monday afternoon that Clyde was not part of any prior FBI investigation.

Investigating Stressors behind Shooting 

Earlier in the morning, FBI Special Agent DeSarno said they had no other information that Clyde was working with anyone in planning the attack, but that investigators are actively interviewing relatives, known associates and others to try to determine a motive. ATF is also assisting to see if the firearm was purchased legally. 


Information I used to build this intel brief are from NBC 5 DFW, ABC News, and CNN. Links provided below 


ABC News


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