Strike Industries is well know for innovation within the firearms market. Strike’s is a company that makes quality products at a reasonable price point. Adjustable gas blocks aren’t anything new in the firearms landscape. Strike Industries looks to remove the hassle and make your life a little easier with its Collar Adjustable Gas Block.

What is unique about this new adjustable gas block is that it has 6 adjustable gas settings (5 pre-sized settings and 1 closed setting) that gives the user the ability to easily manipulate the gas settings to meet your needs. All that is required after installation is the tip of a bullet or tip of a blade to make the required adjustments. No, fancy tools needed to adjust Strike’s CAGB.

With Strike’s new adjustable gas block it makes it easier for a user to go from suppressed to unsuppressed gas settings on their AR platforms. Great for use on subsonic and supersonic ammo like 300 blackout which you would need different gas settings for or if a user wanted to smooth out recoil on a precision rifle build. Strike’s new adjustable gas block gives users that freedom and flexibility.

The installation of the new gas block isn’t overly complicated either. For those who might be wondering. If you put on a gas block before you have a few added steps but, that is it. I will leave a link below to Strike Industries website for more information. 

Click here to check out Strike’s Adjustable Gas Block

The price tag of Strike’s CAGB comes in at $99.99. Which is within the range of comparable adjustable gas blocks on the market today. At, essentially a $100 bucks it leaves it in the mid-tier in this market. With the flexibility and ease of use it grants its worth the price of admission in my book.

What do you think about Spike’s new gas block? Do you think it’s a fair price? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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    • I am thinking about trying it out also. I am looking to build a precision rifle next and I might try out this gas block on that build. All of Strike’s products I have used I have been pleased with.

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