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Zev officially announced that they will be releasing a modular build kit using O.Z-9 platform and components. 

The new O.Z-9 Modular Build Kit (MBK) will offer consumers a high level of customization to allow you to build the O.Z-9 of your dreams from the ground up. The foundation of the build kit will be O.Z-9 steel receivers that comes in Black DLC or Titanium Gray. 

When building your custom O.Z-9 you can use parts from Zev’s lineup of products which includes their diverse selection of slides, barrels, triggers, O.Z-9 grip assemblies, and magazine wells to build your dream pistol. With this flexibility it gives consumers the complete freedom to build the pistol to fit your needs as a shooter. If your looking to build a competition gun, duty, ccw, or a range handgun the O.Z-9 MBK has you covered. 

Many people might be asking, “How much does the Modular Build Kit cost?” To start you on your way to deeply customizable O.Z-9 starts at $480 dollars. From there you can customize to your heart’s desire as I mentioned before.

To find out more about Zev Technologies O.Z-9 pistol and Modular Build Kits (MBK) head over to Zev Technologies.

What do you think about Zev’s new O.Z-9 pistol? Would you be interested in one of the MBKs? Let me know in the comments below.

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