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Recently, I noticed I haven’t done a new web find article for the blog. When searching for content I haven’t really found any standout website that I have to inform you guys to check out. Since I don’t have any new web finds I wanted to make my readers aware of an website I have been using for years.

When I was in the military I was always trying to find knowledge about military theory and strategy, politics with an emphasis on how it affects the military, and military research papers. I didn’t know where to search for this type of information. One day my Platoon Commander and I we’re talking about warfare and combat. 

I told him,” I wanted to know more about modern military strategies and tactics on the evolving battlefield. We won’t be fighting these conventional wars that we have been taught to fight as Marine Infantry. If we do we are bound to lose.”

He responds, “That is a very good point. Why don’t you check out this website called the Small Wars Journal.”

I was a young Lance Corporal when I found out about Small Wars Journal. From a tactics perspective I didn’t know my foot from my ass. 

When he suggested the website to me my first mental question was, What in the hell is a small war!?” I just remember writing it down and telling my Lt. I would look into it. 

When I had some time later, I did look into the website. What he opened up to me on that website was a whole new world of content. Small Wars Journal covers everything and anything you can think of. They have articles written on law enforcement/drug enforcement, cyber warfare, advance military strategy and tactics, and the list goes on and on. Whatever you may be looking for in that realm you can find on Small Wars Journal.

Small wars defined. The term Small Wars’ is often a vague name for any one of a great variety of military operations. … placed under the classification of small wars, to the establishment of a complete military government supported by an active combat force.

This website has been a great teaching tool for me over the years and has given great insight into what the future of warfare is going to look like. I still have article upon article I have printed out so I can refer back to it as a reference or because it is a great read. Small Wars Journal is a great asset to anyone who wants some perspective. 

Many readers may be asking who is the content created by? The articles are written by people within the military and law enforcement communities. I have read articles from officers at The Modern War Institute, Pentagon, C.I.A, NSA, and etc. You are getting articles and research papers from men and women who know what they are talking about. As, a reader you are getting sound perspective from people knowledgeable within those trades.

All in all, Small Wars Journal is a great resource to check out if you want to learn more about any of the topics I listed above. The articles and research papers have always giving me great insight and perspective into challenges of fighting on a modern battlefield. 

Click here to check out Small Wars Journal for yourself. 

Is this the type of website you would check out? What type of websites would you like me to discuss in the future? Let me know in the comments below. 

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