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By Drew Bryant
June 18th, 2023,

Blackout Defense is known for being on the cutting edge of innovation and design regarding the AR platform. The company seeks to evolve and improve the platform to new heights moving forward. Blackout Defense is proud to announce its latest product, the OneX Micro Red Dot mount. The new OneX mounts feature a 1.93” or 2.30” optical centerline height. This height is ideal for more heads-up shooting providing more situational awareness. While also being with tactical equipment such as gas masks and headsets.

Below are the product description and features of the new OneX Optic mounts from Blackout Defense.

Product Description


The Blackout Defense OneX Micro red dot riser mount features a 2.30” optical centerline height for rapid and upright sight alignment that is especially useful with tactical equipment such as night vision goggles, gas masks, and headsets. The riser also features a large EDM-cut window that provides an unobstructed view of both your front and rear backup iron sights in case of optics failure due to battery depletion, debris, or physical damage. Machined from 7075 aluminum and hard coat anodized, selected cerakote finishes are applied over the anodized layer for added corrosion resistance.


• Allows for head’s up shooting while still providing solid cheek rest

• Compatible with all micro footprint devices

• The EDM-cut window for a clear view of backup irons

• Direct mount design

The new OneX optic mounts are available now on Blackout’s website. The 1.93 mount retails between $149.99-$169.99, depending on color. While the 2.30 mount retails between $174.99-$194.99, depending on color. For more on Blackout Defense rifles and accessories, click here.

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