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Yesterday, afternoon a 21-year old man decided to walk into a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas with an AK-47 and evil intent in his heart. With a calm and ruthless demeanor he begins to shoot indiscriminately into a busy crowd of shoppers. Killing 20 and injuring 26 in the deadly aftermath of his shooting.

News of the deadly shooting in El Paso quickly became national news. The eyes and ears of the American people focused on El Paso. Our support, love, and sympathy going out to the families of loved ones potential lost due to this man’s violence. This extreme act of violence and terrorism is unacceptable on every level.

Personally, I am tired of this. Tired of the destruction of innocent lives and families. Tired of people taking to these extreme acts of violence against innocent Americans. Tired of watching, reading or receiving mobile updates on the horror of these events as they unfold on our news media. Tired of the politics of pandering politicians and news pundits to drive a certain political narrative. I am weary of this endless waltz of destruction, violence and political pandering by news media. I hunger for the answers to this violence. I am weary of seeing this scenario play out in our news. The only way we will enact change is through working together to find a solution to this violence. 

As, a as a nation we have to collectively reflect on the matter of violence in this country. We have to ask some hard questions to reach the difficult solutions. 

Unity as a nation is key. We must remember what binds us together as a nation than what separates us. To create meaningful and lastly change comes from cooperation between the ideas of this nation. 

We must step away from politics and step away from our comfort zone to discuss this issue. Only then can we make meaningful change to reduce these extreme acts of violence.

Our news cycles, commentaries, and journalists are more about political narratives than news today in this country.

We witness it every time a mass shooting happens. When a mass shooting happens the news media initially reports the facts and developing news from the event. As, we continue to watch the event unfold on our tv, computers, and mobile devices the story evolves into something new. It evolves from facts surrounding the event to running a political based narrative to support their prescribed political agenda. Each news organization brings on their political pundits voicing opinions on: the lack of legislation against guns, how Republicans and congressional inaction on guns is the cause for this problem, how firearms need to be banned, and discussing the perceived reason why another mass shooting happened.

All the news media is doing is creating a division among the American people based upon political lines. This type of news coverage is divisive. This method only hurts the possibility of any meaningful dialogue between Americans and politicians within congress. Dialogue that could spur meaningful conversations that could lead to some real answers to these complex acts of violence.

Instead the news media creates a political narrative driven news cycle within the horrific event of a mass shooting. Where the the shooting, innocent lives lost, and the weapons involves become political tools in their narrative. This is the narrative instead of being how do we solve this complex problem as a nation. The news doesn’t bring us together during this time of tragedy as a nation. They choose a political narration during this traumatic event to our nation. Which allows Americans only to choose political factions.

These shootings aren’t about politics! These shootings are deeply effecting and altering thousands of lives! Families losing loved ones that are dear to them. Snatched away be a shooter who thinks within their rationale that this type of lost of life is acceptable. That the world must feel their pain. That the world must understand their plight. That the world must hear their message.

The message of the media should be one of facts, cooperation, and creating a dialogue to discuss meaningful change. Yet, they create divisive political charged news cycles to fit their narrative.

I want meaningful and thoughtful answers on how we can reducing these acts of violence against the American people and it’s consciousness. That is what is most important to me as American. The news has a responsibility to report the news factually and without biased.

Next, we must find an answer how to reduce violence in this nation. I’m not talking about just gun violence I mean all violence. When it comes to violence it does not discriminate so nor do I. 

We must work together to find a way to reduce domestic violence, gang violence, and assaults in this country. Violence and its reach upon all of us is this nation is pervasive. Maybe we haven’t been directly affected by violence but, we know someone who has been affected by it. We know the trauma that it causes on people’s psyche and soul. How the traumatic experience affects their lives into the future. We know and see the struggle yet, we stand here unwilling to act. We are unable to act because of the politicians in power see it as an all or nothing scenario. In an attempt to appease an political base. To blame each other’s policies for the violence. With the uncanny ability for no politician to take responsibility. It is your lack of action and cooperation that has allowed for this to happen. This is your responsibility because you hold a position of power.

As, Americans we should be working together on every level to find the answer to this difficult conundrum. To cross political lines and ideologies and find the solutions to a complicated answer within the American landscape. Everyone is so concerned about appeasing their base instead doing what is right for the American people and working together to solve the problem of violence in this country.

We must understand that violence is swift, vicious, and devastating with its power and reach. Violence can be quick and fast or slow and methodical upon its victims. The motives that drive people to violence can be complex or simple in nature. As, a society we try to understand why people resort to these extreme acts of violence against there fellow man. Violence is an enigma and its evolution dynamic and complex. Which makes its answer a dynamic and complex one.

As, a nation we must acknowledge and understand the complexities of violence. With that knowledge we can begin to move forward to solve its complexities and create meaningful change.  No, simple solutions will solve this problem. Which means as Americans we must engage in thoughtful and reasoned dialogue to find the answers. This is a complex and dynamic problem and it will take time to solve. 

One way we can start to solve the violence is by having thoughtful discussions among our family and friends. To become active within our communities. To create more of a atmosphere of unity within our communities. This is where we can start. I propose an initiative or White House summit where people from all sides of this issue can discuss the challenges of violence and how to reduce its effect on Americans throughout the U.S. We must bring together politicians, scholars, analysts, medical professionals, liberal and conservatives, law enforcement, and survivors together. That is what this initiative can bring into fruition so we can at least start a dialogue. We must work together as a nation to solve this problem it will not be solved among political lines.

In the midst of moments like this in our nation we must remember what binds us together. Love. Hope. Faith. Family. These are all important to us as Americans. We all seek to live in peace and have productive lives. To protect our loved ones from harm and danger. To pursue our own happiness. That is American dream we strive for. 

We must remember the ties that binds us together than the ones that divide us. Now, is the time for us to unify as a nation and comfort the people affected by the shooting in El Paso. To give them our love and support as a nation during this difficult time for those families affected by this man. Unity must be our first goal first and foremost as a nation. 

To families of El Paso are hearts are with you. Our support is with you. Our strength as a nation is with you forever. Truly, no words can do justice to the lost you feel today and forever. No, sentiment can ease the pain of this lost by this senseless act of violence. Yet, know the thoughts, prayers, and heart of a nation mourns with you today and forever. 

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