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On Friday, the Washington state House passed a ban on standard capacity magazines. The bill passed in the House 55 to 42. The bill will now move on to Gov. Jay Inslee’s desk, who has stated he would sign the bill into law if it passed.

The bill that is known as SB 5078 prohibits the sale of magazines that have a capacity greater than 10 rounds, along with the sale, manufacturing, distribution, or importation of standard capacity magazines within Washington state.

The Washington legislature defines a standard magazine as an ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition, or any conversion kit, part or combination of parts that can be assembled to allow someone to shoot more than 10 rounds.

The new law that will be presented to Gov. Inslee’s desk doesn’t criminalize the ownership of these magazines. It instead focuses on business who sell them. Violation of this new law could result in a gross misdemeanor if found guilty.

The magazine ban was first introduced by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson back in 2016. Since it’s first introduction to the Washington Legislature it has been voted on several times
and failed to pass until now.

The authors of SB 5078 wrote that they are not trying to outright ban magazines but, only intend to limit the sale and transfer of “high-capacity” magazines, allowing for the magazines in circulation to be grandfathered in.

Washington state FFL’s will still be able to provide these magazines to military and law enforcement personal.

As of Today, nine states have magazine bans along with Washington, D.C. Washington state will become the tenth state to have such restrictions on how many rounds a magazine can hold.

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