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One of my greatest concerns as a firearms owner is the security of my firearms. I want them to be safely stored and easily accessible throughout my home. To be hidden and locked away in plain sight without it screaming, “Gun!” I am always searching for innovation within firearm security. 

Last night, I was doing a random internet search for biometric padlocks for firearm cases. I was also looking into a RFID case for firearms wether it be pistol or rifle. During my search I discovered a Company called The Gun Box. I did some recon on their website and products. As, I started to dive into the products a smile came over my face. The more I looked into it and the more I read, the more excited I became about Gun Box products. I was like kid at Toys R’ Us around Christmas time wanting anything and everything the store has to offer. I wanted to trade in my old and busted for that new hotness. 

Now, I may have the people asking, “What is so special about Gun Box?” What makes me so hyped about Gun Box is that it blends technology, security, and design into their products. As, I told you in the beginning I am looking for a way to secure my firearm and still be accessible when needed. From looking into Gun Box offerings their products allow that. 

Gun Box products have biometric, RFID, and Key pads on their firearm safes that allows for easy and quick accessibility. Gun Box’s padlock uses RFID technology to open and close the lock. The safes and padlock can let you know if they are being tampered with or moved through with a companion app. Which is available on both iOS and Android. Gun Box has top flight security and accessibility in its corner. Those are big bonuses in my book. The element that put Gun Box over the top for me was design aesthetic. Gun Box safes are well designed and don’t scream “gun” all over them. You can safely put it on a night stand in your room or on a dresser. If you wanted to you could put on a book shelf in the living room. Gun Box safes are very inconspicuous in their design language. Which is dope. 

Now, let’s get into Gun Boxes products.

Gun Box Product Lineup

The AfterLock

First, you have their RFID padlock called the AfterLock. The lock can be used in any capacity you like. If you want to secure you rifle cases when your traveling, secure your rifle case in the back of your truck, or padlocking valuables AfterLock has you covered. It comes with the RFID tech I told you about before and the companion app. The AfterLock comes in at $179.99 MSRP. 

Echo (The Covert Commander) 

The Echo comes with the biometric, RFID, and keypad unlock for the safe. The Echo is small safe capable of housing full size firearms. So, people who are fans of 1911’s and full size pistols no need to worry here. It is prefect for home, office, or traveling. The Echo comes with a tether to lock it down and alarm that goes off when moved. The Echo is also TSA compliant for those who would need to use it for airline travel purposes. The Echo comes in at $199.99.

2.0 (The Loyal Defender)

The 2.0 comes with the biometric, RFID, and keypad to unlock safe as the Echo. The 2.0 also comes with the companion app and motion sensor alarm if moved. The 2.0 has the ability to open automatically once it is unlock. Giving owners the ability to grab and go in those critical moments. If you want a little more security the 2.0 can be mounted to an object for added security. The 2.0 comes in at $299.99 

SK-1 Tactical

Now, for the pièce de résistance, the SK-1 Tactical. The SK-1 Tactical is a rifle or shotgun safe that you can hide in plain sight. Allowing you to safely store your home defense weapon and making it easily accessible. The SK-1 also has automatic opening for the safe. Just unlock and grab. 

The safe is not visual intrusive and can play as an accent piece in home decor. It has Bluetooth speakers so it could easily be seen as fancy speaker tower. This safe gives you the ability to be low key and ready. Now, if you ever need to pop the trunk during critical moment you can safely and quickly. The SK-1 Tactical comes in at $699.99.

Price Analysis 

I know some of you maybe saying that Gun Box’s safes and padlock are a little expensive. Price is all subjective. We have paid more for a pistol, rifle, or shotgun than the price of this case. When it comes down to the safety and security of your firearms it is priceless. The technology, security, and design of these safes it is well worth the price of admission. For more, check The Gun Box website. 

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