Strike Industries is at it again and expanding their pistol lineup with the Ark Slide for G19 Gen 3. The Ark Slide is going to come with front and rear slide serrations, 4 custom ports, pre-cut universal mount for red dots, and a black nitride finish.

Strike states that the Ark Slide was designed with “optimal accuracy and performance in mind.” Strike Industries has always been innovative and thoughtful with their design language that is what we see here with the Ark Slide they have produce. 

Below is Strike Industries description of their new Ark Slide: 

The Strike Industries ARK Series Slide was created with optimal accuracy and performance in mind. Machined in the USA from billet 17-4 Stainless Steel using clockwork precision to ensure increased consistency in barrel lockup that results in levels beyond than match-grade accuracy. The ARK Slide weighs significantly less than the factory production model, reducing the recoil momentum, and allows faster and more efficient follow-up placement. 


The new G19 Ark Slide comes in at $369.95 and is currently available for preorder. The Ark Slide will start shipping in September. If your interested preorder because the new Ark Slide comes with Stirke’s Modular Blade Sights. 

What do you think of Strike Industries new slide? Do you plan on purchasing one. Let me know in the comments below.

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