The beginning of the gameplay demonstration opens up with Sam (Reedus) waking up in a private room with a dark oily substance over his face. The private room is a place where Sam can rest and refit so he can continue his journey to reconnect United Cities of America. Kojima explains that the private room is your personal room during your adventures but, you can also make your room available to other Sam’s throughout the game. 

In the private room you will only have limited control over Sam. Players will be able to control the camera and aim it in different parts of the room. Doing so will give you prompts that allow Sam to do different actions within the private room. 

During this point of the demonstration the player is moving the camera around Sam at different angles. Doing this will unlock different animations that Sam will do for the player. Looking up will cause Sam to pump his fists in the air.  If you aim the camera down at Sam’s feet he will begin to tap his feet. Or if you look at his crotch too long Sam will punch the camera. 

Next, in the demo the player prompts Sam to the sink. At the sink Sam washes his face. After washing his face the player controls Sam with the right analog stick. Which allows for the player to make funny or cool guy faces in the mirror. After he washes his face he returns to the bed. 

The camera pans around the private room a little more and exposes the shower/bathroom inside the room. First, the player prompts Sam to take a piss. During his urination a red liquid is captured.  Sam returns back to the bed and then Kojima directs the player to have Sam take a bowel movement. This time a blue liquid is captured. Kojima explains that these liquids can be weaponized and be used to fight against the BT’s. 

After finishing using the bathroom Sam returns to the bed. The camera pans a little more and displays your gear and weapons display. The camera navigates between conventional weapons such as grenades and rifles. To biological weapons such as blood grenades and other speciality weapons used against BT’s. We also get a quick glimpse of Sam’s gear loadout. 

Continuing in this area Sam connects with his Bridge Baby (BB), which seems to go well at first and takes a turn for the worst. Sam walks up to the BB’s pod and gently taps a rhythm into the glass of the pod. The tapping rhythms start of playful and become violent and aggressive. Sam BB’s breaks through the glass and starts coming towards Sam. The screen goes black. Next, we get a scene of Sam appearing to wake up. Kojima explains we witnessed a nightmare Sam experiences about his BB throughout the game.

Next, we see the gear customization of Sam’s pack he carries during his journey arcoss the U.S. His pack setup appears to be completely customizable to what you want as a player which is pretty awesome. Backpacks are customizable with batteries, grenades, and blood packs and other gear acquired during your journey. You can customize the color scheme of your pack. 

The camera pans towards the door to a table with a Bridges hat, beer, and some type of grubs. Sam can interact with those items. 

First, he eats some type of grub. While eating the second grub Sam does a cool animation to eat the grub. Next, he tries on the Bridges hat and then a couple different pairs of shades. The player goes to a customization window where you can completely customize your hat and the shades. You can change the color of your hat or change the color of your sunglasses frame and tint. From there Kojima has the player return to the mirror where Sam makes some cool poses. 

From there we get a look at the U.S. map. The display of the map is your terminal, orders are your missions,email is when you receive mail from people, thank you emails is from friends. The stars next to an email is your relationship level with that person. 

Within this menu you also have access to music player and the menu call Bridges. Bridges allows you to connect with other Sam’s throughout the game world. You also have a color editor for your private room. If you want a unique colored room. Private rooms can be customizable and can be seen by other people or you can leave your private room open for other people to use. If you look into the background you can see a group of small collectibles in a enclave. Those collectibles can be gathered throughout the game. If you collect enough of them throughout the game a another game mode opens up to you as the player. 

Finally,  you exit your private room. Sam connects his BB to his gear. During that we see a cut scene of one of the BB memories. This happens as your connect grows deeper with the BB. Kojima states that as the story progresses you will find out more about your BB’s back story and how it all plays into your current journey. 

Your safehouse can be customized too. You can customize your music, your voice assistant, and even put in holograms of people you have met along your journey. Players can view and explore your private room. Other players can also be jerks and destroy your private room also. 

That’s about wraps it up for 30 minute private room gameplay footage. We didn’t get to see much in the way of gameplay but, to see more of the conceptual aspects of Death Stranding gameplay. 

What did you think of 30 minute private room gameplay? Are you excited about Death Stranding or on the fence? Let me know in the comments below. 

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