I am personally a big fan of steel targets. It allows for shooters to get that positive audible reinforcement of a successful hit on target that paper doesn’t allow. Paper targets has it benefits for shooters also but, that is another article. 

Wilson combat has added a new design feature to their steel targets that is a benefit for shooters. Wilson Combat has designed scorable steel targets. The new target have laser-etched dash circles for scorable areas. The scorable areas are center mass on and in the head of the target. The new scorable steel targets allow for both audible reinforcement along with seeing where your shot was placed. Allowing for shooters to score their shots. 

I think this is absolutely a game changer when it comes to shooting steel. It also makes me wonder why didn’t someone think of it early. 

Some people might say you could use a stencil and spray paint and accomplish the same effect. That is true. But, over time it will be hard to tell the difference between shots. Then, you have to repaint and repeat the cycle again. With the score areas laser-etched in you will never have to do that again. You will just have to repaint and get back into the training session. 

Here is what Wilson Combat had to say about its new Scorable Steel Targets. 

This all-new, patent-pending target system from WILSON COMBAT allows you to easily, visually score your training progress at the range without using paint rings or other temporary fixes.

These portable, easy scoring steel targets have laser-cut scoring rings to give you immediate, visual feedback when your shots fall out of the head or torso scoring rings. Scoring circles are 7” with a 4” circle in the head box of the silhouette targets.

Our “rifle rated” Scorable Steel Targets are made in the USA from 3/8″ thick AR500 armor plate steel for extreme service and excellent long-term impact resistance.  The target frame is heavy-duty and once the simple assembly has been done, they can be easily assembled and disassembled without tools at the range. The target plates are mounted with ½” grade 8 hardened bolts for a long service life. The entire system breaks down to 3 components (target head, upright post and base) in seconds without tools and will fit in the trunk of a compact car.

When it is time to take a steel target to the range or when setting up your personal steel target training array, Wilson Combat has the ideal scorable steel option for you.

Two good ways to score the targets for training are:

IDPA Vickers count system (raw time + points down) scoring the targets +0 for hits inside the circles, +1 second for hits outside the circles, but on the plate and +3 seconds for a complete miss.

PAR time with a shot inside the circles worth 5 points, 4 points outside the circles but on the plate and no points for a complete miss.

Wilson Combat Scorable Steel Targets silhouette and oval come in at an MSRP of $99.95 and $ 84.95 respectively. The Target stand comes in at $140. 

For more about Wilson’s Steel Scorable Targets check out Wilson Combat website. 

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