Back in April of 2017, it was reported we would be getting a new Masters of The Universe movie this December. That has not come to fruition for the long gestating movie. The new He-Man movie is still currently in development at Sony. A recent article by The Hollywood Reporter, suggest the movie could be coming to the streaming giant Netflix. 

Sony is “exploring the prospect” of making the movie with Netflix according to The Hollywood Reporter. That would send the new Master’s movie straight to our homes instead of the local box office. Sony and Netflix are only in Preliminary talks about collaborating on the movie. 

The big issue comes down to the all mighty dollar. Sony could easily partner with another studio and do-finance the project. As, the did with the Spider-man movies with Disney. The only hang up with that is you don’t know how much money Masters of the Universe will make you. If Sony strikes a deal with Netflix they would get paid and Netflix gets to expand its content. 

It makes sense for Netflix to work with Sony on the Masters of the Universe reboot. Netflix currently has two He-Man properties, She-Ra the animated series and the new He-Man animated series. The new He-Man series has Kevin Smith as    executive producer. 

What do you think about He-Man coming to Netflix? Let me know in the comments below. 

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