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A conversation that comes up at work a lot is, “What is your preferred method of conceal carry?” That is a very diverse and nuanced question to ask any ccw practitioner. That reason may very from user to user.

The way a person decides to carry could be broken into three main factors. First, would be body type. Depending if you have a person who is of a small, medium, or large frame will dictate where you choose to carry your firearm. Second, is the concealability of that firearm on your person. Appendix carry might be good for one person and where hip carry could be good for another. The ability to limit or remove printing of a firearm on your body is another important factor. Third, the ability to draw and present that firearm cleanly to the threat. A person should be able to smoothly and consistently draw from their conceal position of choice. With the ability to remove an obstruction of clothing easily and efficiently.

When, it comes down to it where a ccw practitioner carries is completely dependent upon the person. The only thing anyone can do is give suggestions and guidance on their personal experience. To give another practitioner a different perspective to consider. To have a well rounded viewpoint.

Today, I will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of appendix carry for ccw users. I know some people aren’t big fans of appendix carry fans which is fine. You can lay your arguments in the comments below. This is here as an informational tool to show benefits and shortcomings of appendix carry.

Benefits of Appendix Carry

Appendix carry is a good option for users who are of small to medium frame ccw practitioners. It allows for greater concealment for those users versus a hip carry. Carrying in this position also allows for quicker access to your firearm. It also provides great retention to maintain positive control of your firearm.

Here are some other benefits of Appendix Carry

• Draw Speed- Appendix carry allows for fast and intuitive draw speeds from nearly anybody position.

• Concealment- AIWB holsters gives ccw practitioners the ability conceal a larger handgun without printing or greatly reducing that printing.

• Retention- Appendix carry provides practitioners with great retention to maintain positive control of your firearm on your person. By keeping the firearm close and snug to the users body.

• Comfort- For some comfort is a big reason why the choose appendix carry. Practitioners find it good for all day comfort when carrying. That comfort depends on body type and clothing choices made by the practitioner.

Disadvantages to Appendix Carry

• Comfort- What is comfortable for some may not be comfortable for others. Some practitioners just find appendix carry uncomfortable and cumbersome.

• Restricition of Movement- Depending on what type of activity a person is engaged in carrying in front can be quite restrictive. It limits the ccw practitioners ability to bend forward, because the firearm impacts the abdomen. The size and position of the firearm could greatly restrict movement.

• Limited Concealment Options- Appendix carry doesn’t lend itself to many clothing options versus traditional inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry from a clothing perspective.

• Potential of Injury- The main drawback of appendix carry is the worry of the firearm discharging into your lower body. With appendix carry the muzzle of your barrel is pointed at your thigh, abdomen, or genitalia which makes its a potential dicey situation. A negligent discharge of your firearm could result in castration to death. The femoral artery could be inline with the barrel of your firearm.

Appendix carry offers benefits and disadvantages like any other conceal carry option. Appendix carry also for fast and smooth draws, greater retention, concealment, and comfort for its practitioners.

It is not the end all be all of conceal carry options it has its flaws also. The appendix carry can be uncomfortable, restrictive, and present an injury risk for practitioners. So, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes down to the appendix carry.

The use of the appendix carry will be completely dependent on the end user. The ccw practitioner will have to find out if the appendix carry provides them greater concealment, security, and ease of draw to say if it’s right for him or her. Deciding how to carry is diverse and nuanced and depends on the person. Which means you have to find what is right for you as a practitioner.

What is your preferred method of conceal carry? Let me know in the comments below.

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