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At MilPol 2019 Aimpoint unveiled their new COMPM5b. The new red dot is apart of the COMPM red dot series of optics from Aimpoint. The new optic will come with a standard 2 MOA red dot, night vision compatible with all generation of NVG’s, excellent battery life, along with a new bullet drop compensation system.

Aimpoint’s new COMPM5b will feature exposed locking turrets. These exposed turrets act as your ballistic drop and wind/lead dials for the BDC system. The new red dot will have interchangeable turrets that are calibrated for different ammunition types. Aimpoint will also provide custom turrets cap upon request.

In all other regards the new COMPM5b is a quality red dot falling into the COMPM series. You have your standard 2 MOA dot. As, with all Aimpoint products the sight will be extremely rugged and reliable with the highest battery life on the market. Aimpoint said one triple A battery could last 10 years at the 1-4 brightness setting.  The new COMPM5b is also compatible with all night vision generations and magnifiers. The red dot will come with four brightness settings for night vision and six normal brightness settings. The COMPM5b will also be submersible up to 150 ft. 

The price on the new COMPM5b wasn’t released at MilPol 2019 nor was the product release date. Aimpoint will release those details presumably closer to launch. 

What are your initial impressions of the new COMPM5b? Let me know in the comments below. 

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