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Last month, NICS background checks broke the previous 2016 record for the month of October. That was a month before the 2016 presidential election between now President Trump and Hilary Clinton. Their were many fears present in regards to 2nd amendment. Which usually leads to a noticeable uptick in firearms sales. 

Thankfully, the election has been more in favor of the firearms community. That doesn’t mean we haven’t taken some loses under the Trump Administration in regards to the 2nd Amendment. In October of 2016 with Gun rights potentially in jeopardy, NICS background checks for that month was astounding 2,333,539.

That number does not accurately represent how many guns where bought in October of 2016. Subtract the permit checks and re-checks of NICS which was 1,228,216 there was a total of 1,105,323 new firearm sales in October 2016.

Now, fast forward 3 years and we have a new record for the month of October. The new record numbers for NICS background checks are: 

Total NICS: 2,393,609

Permit checks and rechecks: 1,288,274

New firearm sales proxy, w/o permit or recheck: 1,171,692

Firearm sales are up six precent from the 2016 record breaking NICS background check. Which means more people are choosing to arm and take personal defense into their own hands. 

What do you think about the new record for NICS background checks in October? Did you buy a firearm in the month of October? Let me know in the comments below.

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