On January 1st 2020 Senate Bill 705 went into effect in Tennessee. The new law is in regards to acquiring a concealed carry permit within the state. The law of allows for eligible law-abiding citizens of the state of Tennessee to forego the 8-hour conceal carry class and instead take a 90 minute online class.

Their has been news articles highlighting the mixed reception of the new law. Articles from The Tennessean, Chattanooga Times Free Press, and Tullahoma News and Guardian have spoken about the mixed reception. (Click on the papers names to read the articles.) 

Today, I will give a rundown of the new law and how it actually is applied. Also, what requirements are needed to be able to take the streamlined conceal carry course and obtain a concealed carry permit. 

Tennessee’s New Concealed Carry Law

Eligibility Requirements

(1) You must be a United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident of Tennessee and you may apply for a concealed carry permit. 

(2)  Applicant must be legally able to own and posses a firearm. No criminal record (i.e. felonies, domestic violence, or drug related charges). If the applicant passes these legal requirements the department of safety can issue a concealed carry permit. 

         (b)  To be eligible to receive a concealed  handgun carry permit, the applicant must:

(1) Apply in person to the department of safety for a concealed carry permit.

(2) Applicants must provided proof of identity  and residency in the state. An applicant can use a driver’s license or photo ID issuers by the state or other ID safety to Tennessee Department of Safety. 

 (3) Meeting these qualifications allows for applicants to be issued an enhanced concealed carry permit. 

Proof Of Education and Competency

(1) Applicants must provide a demonstration of competency with a handgun. An applicant can show such skills by one of the following methods but, an applicant is not required to submit to additional demonstration of skills. Nor shall any proof of skill competence expire. 

(a)  Proof of applicants firearms competency can be done by the following:

       (I) Completing any hunger education or hunter safety course approved by Tennessee wildlife resources agency or similar agency in another state.

        (II) Completing an NRA firearms safety or training course.

        (III) Completing a training course provided  by a law enforcement agency, junior college, college, public or private institutions, or a firearms training school using certified NRA instructors

      (IV) Completing any firearms training or safety courses offered for security, investigators, special deputies, or any division of law enforcement or security. 

      (V) Presenting evidence of equivalent experience with a firearm through participation in organized shooting competition or current military service or an honorable discharge. 

      (VI) Obtaining or perviously held concealed carry license in the state, unless the license has been revoked. 

     (VII) Completing any online training or safety courses conducted by a state-certified or NRA certified instructor. 

    (VIII) Completing any governmental law enforcement agency firearms training course and qualified to carry under the normal police duties. 

    (XI) Completing any other firearm training the law enforcement department deems adequate. 

       (b) Applicants must show certificates and necessary documentation of the instructor, course, school, organization, or group who taught the course attesting to your completion of the course. Also, a copy of any documentation proving your participation in the course. 

Credentials Verification and Issuance 

       (c) After verifying course credentials the Department of Safety will conduct a name-based criminal background check to verify no criminal record. 

      (d) If the applicant meets all the requirements of this section the Department of Safety will issues the applicant a concealed carry permit. That permit allows to carry any handgun(s) in a concealed manner. The cone lead carry permit is good for 5 years. 

       (e) A person who holds a permit will carry concealed at all times. 

       (f) concealed handgun carry permit issued under this section may be issued as a letter to the applicant and may be issued without the applicant’s photograph.

        (g) The issuance of a concealed handgun carry permit under this section does not relieve a person from complying with all requirements in order to be issued an enhanced handgun carry permit pursuant to that section.

         (h) A concealed handgun carry permit issued under this section shall authorize the permit holder to carry or possess a handgun

Expiration and Renewal

Editor’s Note: The expiration and renewal portion of the law discusses the renewal process and statements to be made under oath. How those statements made under oath are used to make sure you are still eligible for your enhanced concealed carry permit. Since I don’t want to summarize and misinterpreted information. I will put this section as the law states it. If you any residents of Tennessee have questions on the renewal process I would contact Department of Safety. 

(1) Prior to the expiration of a concealed handgun carry permit, a permit holder may apply to the department for the renewal of the permit by submitting, under oath, a renewal application. The renewal application must be on a standard form developed by the department of safety; must require the applicant to disclose, under oath, the information concerning the applicant as set forth in subsection (b); and must require the applicant to certify that the applicant still satisfies all the eligibility requirements of this section for the issuance of a concealed handgun carry permit. In the event the permit holder’s current concealed handgun carry permit expires prior to the department’s approval or issuance of notice of denial regarding a pending renewal application, the permit holder is entitled to continue to use the expired permit until the department issues an approval or denial of the renewal application.

        (2) A person may renew that person’s concealed handgun carry permit beginning six (6) months prior to the expiration date on the face of the permit. 

(k) The department shall not charge a fee to a concealed handgun carry permit

applicant in relation to the acceptance or processing of an applicant’s initial concealed handgun carry permit application or renewal application.

(l) The department shall maintain the following material on the department website:

    (a) Current state law on carrying handguns; and

    (b) An explanation of the different handgun carry permits available; and 

    (c) A list of providers that conduct department-approved training courses

or classes, pursuant to subdivision

Alright everyone that is a rundown of Tennessee’s new concealed carry law. If you want to read the new law in total click here

What do you think of Tennessee’s new concealed carry law? Let us know in the comments below. 

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