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Late in December Angstadt Arms released a cryptic video teasing the announcement of a new submachine gun. Also, with an countdown to the announcement. The wait is over ladies and gents and Angstadt Arms has revealed the MDP-9. The MDP-9 is a new delayed blowback submachine gun. Check out Angstadt Arms reveal trailer above.

Angstadt Arms has introduced a new modern take on the delayed blowback submachine gun. To challenge the long delayed and finally released H&K SP-5 last month. 

The MDP-9 features a monolithic upper receiver design with an M-Lok handguard and QD spots. A non-reciprocating charging handle that can be setup for a left or right-handed shooter. Comes in at an overall length of 14-inches and weighs in at 3.6 lbs. The MDP-9 takes standard double stacked Glock magazines. You have the option with MDP-9 to add SB Tactical side-folding brace or telescoping options. The new Angstadt Arms submachine gun will come in Black, FDE, and Tactical Grey. 

Below is the spec sheet from Angstadt Arms website. 

MDP-9 Specs

• Caliber: 9mm

• Colors: Black, FDE & Tactical Grey

• Action: Roller-delayed blowback

• Magazine: GLOCK® 9mm double stack magazines

•Pistol Brace: 1913 rail with SB Tactical side-folding & telescoping options

• Upper Assembly : Monolithic assembly with continuous top picatinny rail, M-LOK interface and QD points

• Charging Handle: Non-reciprocating forward charging handle (left or right side)

• Fire Controls: AR-15/M4 CONTROLS

• Overall Length: 14″

• Weight: 3.6 lbs

• Barrel Length: 5.85″ 3-lug barrel with fluted chamber

The Angstadt Arms is a feature rich modern option for a delayed blowback submachine gun. The new MDP retails at $ 2,599 MSRP with an Q2 2020 release. 

What do you think about Angstadt Arms new MDP-9? Do you think it’s an better option to the H&K SP-5? Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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