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Palmetto State Armory has ambitious plans for 2020. As, I study the booth I discovered new divisions being added to the PSA lineup as well as a host of new firearms coming this year. Palmetto State is really seeking to expand their brand and relevancy and market share in the industry. Let’s dive right in and see what PSA has in sights for 2020.

Palmetto State Expanding It’s Offerings

I instantly noticed two new brands internal to PSA that will be introduced this year. First, PSA is introducing Palmetto State Custom. PSA Custom will use higher quality parts such as barrels, internal parts, triggers, and muzzle devices. Also, the complete rifles will come with custom cerakote paint jobs if you choose. PSA wasn’t releasing prices yet. Palmetto State Custom will be available later in the year. 

Second, is sister company Lead Star Arms. Lead Star Arms is an preestablish firearms company falling more under PSA banner. Lead Star Arms makes quality 3-Gun rifles and pistol caliber carbines, according to a Palmetto State Armory Representative on the show floor. So, if you are looking for a quality product rifle or PCC Palmetto State Armory will have you covered with Lead Star Arms lineup.

While I continued to  browse the booth I found a host of new firearms PSA is introducing to the market this year. PSA will offer a pistol called the PS9 Dagger, PSA-5 (MP-5 Cline), ARV(PCC), AK-74’s, The Jakal, and PSA optics. 

PS9 Dagger

To keep it simple the PS9 Dagger is Palmetto State Armory’s version of the Glock 19. PS9 Dagger will be compatible with all Gen 3 Glock parts. Which allows for easy switching of parts to better refine your shooting experience. The Dagger features a stainless steel guide rod, has front and rear slide serrations, Trijicon night sights, and a hinged trigger, such as the one Smith and Wesson uses. The Dagger frame is more contoured for better ergonomics than a basic G19 frame. A slight beaver tail to allow for a high grip on the frame along with an undercut at the bottom of the trigger guard. To assist in good hand placement on the Dagger. 

There are two version of the PS9 Dagger. One is a normal PS9 while the other is a optics ready for a Trijicon RMR. The PS9 Dagger will retail at $299 and the optics ready slide will retail around $400. The firearms will be on sale in March.


The PSA-5 is MP-5 clone. The PSA-5 uses a new lower and comes with Magpul handguards on the front of the PSA-5. The PSA-5 uses all of the MP-5 internals parts. The PSA-5 comes with a folding brace or with a PDW brace. The PSA-5 will be available in the fall of 2020. 


The ARV is Plametto State’s entry into the increasingly popular market of pistol caliber carbines. The ARV offers a straight blowback operating system that is chambered in 9mm. The ARV will be able to accept CZ Scorpion Evo magazines. The new PCC rifle from PSA will come in four different barrel lengths: 4, 7.5, 8.5, and 16 inches. 

The new Palmetto State Armory ARV will be available this summer and official pricing hasn’t been released yet. 

PSA AK-74s

Palmetto State Armory has been building and releasing American built AK’s and overtime the build quality and durability of the their AK platforms has improved. Now, PSA will be releasing AK-74s chambered in 5.45×39! The new PSA AK-74s will come with Magpul furniture to boot. The AK-74s will be priced in line with the AK-47s from PSA which about $699 retail price. Which makes the new 74’s a deal. 

The Palmetto State Armory Jakal 

This is one that caught my attention the most was the Jakal by PSA. The Jakal is an interesting build to say the least. It’s uses a modified AR-180 upper receiver and shoots .300 blackout! The Jakal’s upper is running a long-stroke piston driven system. The new AR pistol comes with 3 different gas settings: standard, suppressed, and single shot use. The Jakal sits on a standard rifle lower which is impressive. Some modifications was done to the upper receiver to allow to fit. The Jakal comes with M-Lok handguards with slots at 3, 6, and 9 positions. The Jakal is rocking a 7.5 inch barrel and weighing in under 6 lbs. which is sexy. The Jakal also features a SB. Tactical folding brace and comes with iron sights.

PSA Optics

Palmetto State Armory is collaborating with Lucid Optics to produce their own lineup of optics. The optics on display at Shot Show was a 1-4x SFP optic and a 5-25x FFP scope with an MRAD based reticle. PSA plans to start releasing this optics sometime in 2020. 

That about wraps it up for PSA offerings this year. Palmetto State is definitely looking to take the next big leap as a company this year. I have very interested to see how the year plays out for PSA. I hope well. 

What do you think about PSA’s new products coming out this year? Does any firearm grab your interest? Let us know in the comments below. 

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