Post Correction: The original title of the article was Dillion Aero’s New 503D: A Gatling Gun That Shoots .50 BMG at 1,200 Rounds A Minute. The actual rounds per minute is 1,500 and Dillion was spelled incorrectly. It should have been Dillon.

Dillion Aero is a company well known for providing force multiplier weapons systems for the U.S. military. The popular M134D Gatling gun is used in a variety of roles for the United States military. Dillon’s weapon systems provide force multipliers for U.S. military helicopters, SOCOM operations, and for naval vessels in theaters around the world.

Now, Dillion Aero is stepping up the game with the Dillion Aero 503D which shoots .50 BMG. Fifty caliber coming out of a Gatling gun is just filthy and ridiculous to say the least. The amount of hate and discontent has jump to an astronomical scale. Making Ma’ Deuce (aka the Browning .50 cal Machine Gun) a relic of the military’s past.

The Dillon Aero 503D has a three barrel design. Shooting 25 rounds a second and 1,500 rounds a minute per Dillon. The Dillon 503D has the capability to adjust rate of fire based on platform and mission performance needs. The gun is designed to have integrated immunity to internal component damage to prevent ammunition feeding malfunctions. Dillon designed the 503D to be lighter, faster, and more versatile than the existing Browning .50 cal machine gun. The Dillion Aero 503D comes in at a total weight of 84 pounds. The new Dillion 503D weighs as much as the Browning .50 Cal machine gun by itself. It also comes in 43 pounds lighter when you add in the tripod and T&E for the Browning .50 cal. So, Dillon Aero is really bring in the weight reduction with the Dillon Aero 503D.

What do you think of Dillon’s new .50 cal Gatling gun? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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