Brownells BRN-180 Gen 2 16” inch

Recently, Brownells released their second generation of their popular BRN-180 upper receivers. The second generation also sees the inclusion of a .300 Blackout BRN-180 upper receiver. Brownells BRN-180 is built off the AR-18 platform and architecture. The AR-18 was originally designed to be the successor to the original AR-15 long ago. Recently, Brownells took the design and bought it to modern audiences. Brownells Gen 2 BRN-180 was designed in cooperation with Primary Weapon Systems and FM. Now, let’s dive in and see what is new about Brownells BRN-180 Gen 2.

The new BRN-180 Gen 2 features two improvements over its original design. First, is the addition of a large set screw at the bottom of the monolithic handguards. This allows for easy easier removal of the handguards and quicker access to the adjustable gas block. Second, all BRN-180 Gen 2 models will feature an adjustable gas block. In Gen 1 only shorter BRN-180 uppers had adjustable gas blocks.

Outside of those two major improvements for the BRN-180 Gen 2 everything else stays the same. The BRN-180 Gen 2 is made from machined 7075 T-6 aluminum, chambered in .223 Wylde with an 1:8 twist, a 1/2”-28 thread pitch, replica 3-prong AR-180 muzzle device, and running the AR-180 piston driven system.

The BRN-180 Gen 2 product lineup currently consists of four models. Three of the models are chambered in .223 Wylde, which are the: 10.5”, 16”, and 18.5” barrel lengths. The final model is .300 blackout upper with a 10” inch barrel. Depending on which model of the Gen 2 you purchase the weight will fluctuate from 3 lbs 15oz to 4lbs 13oz.

The Brownells BRN-180 Gen 2 is currently on sale and available for preorder depending on the barrel length. The 10.5” is currently on sale now at $899.99 MSRP. While the 16” and 18.5” barrels are available for preorder. Those two uppers retail at $899.99 MSRP on Brownells website.

Here is a link to the BRN-180 Gen 2 prices.

What do you think of Brownells BRN-180 Gen 2? Do you plan on buying one? If so which one. Let us know in the comments below.

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