Back at Shot Show 2019, the GlockStore introduced their polymer frame GSX100. The GSX100, is a 19X sized framed for those who want to build their own 19X. The new GSX100 by the GlockStore is compatible with Gen 3 parts and takes Glock 17 magazines. The GSX100 will also take G23 and G32 parts. Allowing customers to build an 19X chambered in .40 S&W and .357 SIG. The GSX100 is a serialized frame and must be shipped to an FFL. Hopefully, down the road they do a Polymer 80 build kit for it.

Below is the product description for the new GSX100.

Product Description

This is the perfect solution to that worn out Glock 19… or a brand new build to make your next handgun your very own design!

The GSX100 is a fully serialized, 100% handgun frame that is sold through FFL dealers.

Gen3 Glock 19 internals and slide assemblies combine with Glock 17 magazines to literally be the best of both the full-size and compact handgun worlds. The GSX100 will also accept the Gen3 Glock 23 or 32 uppers for .40 and .357 builds and conversions.

And yes, this could well be the perfect CCW handgun!

The GSX100 is made from superior quality, glass-filled polymer for a more rigid and stable platform. The sophisticated grip ergonomics and texturing will have you smiling every time you pick it up!

The new GlockStore GSX100 retails at $129.95 on their website. Currently, the GSX100 is sold out. If you are looking to grab your own you will have to your wishlist to be notified when available.

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