Welcome back everyone to a brand new unboxing experience for you. These unboxing articles are meant to be informative and fun. Just to give you the 4-1-1, so, you know what you are getting with your hard earned cash. Today, we have the Blackhound Optics 4-14×44 FFP MIL riflescope. We are going to be unboxing the optic and taking our first look at the optic. Before we get into the unboxing, here’s a brief history behind Blackhound Optics.

A Quick Look At Blackhound Optics

Blackhound Optics is a new, unique and aggressive optics company based out of Lawrenceville, Georgia. The company has been in existence for just over 15 months and has rapidly made headway in the populated optics market. Blackhound Optics mission is to provide customers with quality optics at an affordable price. The hardest thing to find is a reasonable priced optics with solid build quality and good glass. Blackhound works to fill that void, providing new and experienced shooters the opportunity to outfit their firearms with accurate and affordable optics they can rely on. That’s the rundown of Blackhound Optics as a company.

Now, let’s dive into Blackhound Optics 4-14×44 FFP MIL riflescope.

Unboxing The Blackhound Optics 4-14xFFP MIL

First, I want to start off with the packaging for this new optic. The box that this optic comes in is one of the most well constructed boxes that I have personally had the chance to open. On the outside of the box you have the Blackhound logo and Blackhound Optics written on the top. When you open the box it has a small amount of resistance on the flap due to small magnets holding it in place, which makes a nice sounding clap when you close the flap. It is oddly satisfying to say the least.

Once you open the box, you are treated with a well laid out interior. Blackhound Optics customers will find everything needed to mount and level their optic immediately, which is amazing and a standout feature only Blackhound Optics offers to their customers. The Blackhound Optics 4–14×44 FFP includes: (1) 4-14×44 FFP Blackhound riflescope, front and rear lens covers, mounting levels, scope rings, tools to mount the optic, cleaning gear, instructions, a zero stop ring, and a rubber device for removing your battery door without scratching it.

All in all, Blackhound provides an optic that is ready to roll when you are. Just mount it up and you’re ready to go.

Features and Specs

The Blackhound Optics 4-14×44 FFP is housed in a 30mm aluminum chassis with a 44mm objective lens. The reticle is Blackhound’s Alpha reticle (with the MOA “Ascent” reticle as an alternate option). The Alpha reticle is designed to provide shooters with easy to understand, simple reticle layout. This intuitive design allows users to put rounds on target in medium to long range engagements, in diverse weather conditions. To assist in making sure you have a optic clarity at any range Blackhound Optics has the ability to adjust parallax on your optic. The parallax is from 10 yards to infinity. Adjusting the parallax gives you the ability to make sure your rifle’s reticle is focused at any range.

Alpha Reticle

The best inclusion I believe is the addition of the zero-stop ring. The zero-stop ring allows the shooter to make sure that their elevation will always return to a full mechanical-stop at zero. The Blackhound 4-14×44 FFP MIL is also waterproof and shockproof. No need to worry about dropping it or water getting into your chassis, destroying your optic.

Below, will be the specification list for the  Blackhound 4-14×44 FFP MIL.


Magnification: 4-14x

Objective Lens: 44mm

Eye Relief: 3.14-3.22″

Focal Plane: FIRST (FFP)

Field of View: 27.2-7.85′ (@100yds)

Tube Size: 30mm

Turret Style: EXPOSED

Click Value: 1/10 MIL

Travel Per Rotation: 5 MIL

Elevation/Windage Adjustments: 20 MIL

Parallax: 10-∞

Length: 12.99″

Weight: 1.6 lbs

Battery: CR2032 LITHIUM

Construction and Glass


The construction of the Blackhound Optic 4-14x is strong and lightweight. Everything on the build is tight with little to no play. The turrets have a nice audible click and good tactile feedback. The magnification lever/turret is very stiff but that will naturally loosen up overtime. The optic feels good in your hand, like it was built with quality in mind. Overall impressions of build quality are solid.


When it comes to glass, it’s a very subjective analysis where opinions will differ. When critiquing glass you I’m looking for three things in my opinion. First, image clarity. So, how clear and sharp your target looks without visual distortion. Second, clarity of reticle on your target. The reticle hash marks are clear and easy visible and easy to decipher. Third, good eye relief and field of view. Being able to easily see clearly through your scope and not closing of the view too much is big.

The glass is where Blackhound shines. The glass has amazing visual fidelity, clear reticle, and easy to obtain eye relief. This Blackhound 4-14×44 retails for $299 MSRP. This is the best glass I have seen on a $299 optic. This glass is honestly comparable to Vortex and Primary Arms glass that is usually priced at $500 and up. You are getting that same quality of glass for at least $225 less. Man…man…you can’t beat that.

First Impressions

My final thoughts on the Blackhound Optics 4-14×44 FFP MIL are strong. Blackhound offers a complete optic starting at a reduced price point compared to other optics companies within the industry. The optic comes with everything to mount and level your optic on your rifle, quality construction with quality glass, at an amazing price point. The Blackhound 4-14×44 FFP MIL retails at $299 MSRP, putting this optic at a lower price of admission for new shooters looking to invest in new glass, while providing experienced shooters a great optic, at a great price.

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