Last week, Springfield Armory introduced the firearm community to the Model 2020 Waypoint rifle series. The new series of bolt- action rifles features a laundry list of premium features you would normally find on top-tier bolt-action rifles. The new Waypoint family of rifles are marketed for the experience shooter looking for a premium rifle for long-range and hunting applications.

Let’s take a dive and see what the new Model 2020 Waypoint series has to offer.

Springfield Armory engineers and designers looked to be build a incredible bolt-action rifle from the ground up. Taking time to refine and create a rifle that exudes quality and is ready to perform out of the box.

Its All About The Action

The foundation that Springfield built around was the action of this rifle. The action was machined out of premium materials using the most advanced production techniques available. The Model 2020 features a dual locking locking lugs and fluted bolt. This allows for silky smooth and repeatable cycling. Springfield also designed the action with an englared ejection port and sliding ejector for reliable operations in adverse conditions.

Trigger and Barrel


Inside the Springfield Model 2020 Waypoint is a trigger from Trigger Tech. Trigger Tech is well known for creating some of the best bolt-action triggers on the market. The Trigger Tech trigger inside the Waypoint series of rifles is an adjustable trigger between 2.5-5 lbs. Letting users find that right balance of trigger pull weight that is ideal for them.


The Model 2020 features a fluted BSF barrel wrapped in carbon fiber sleeve under tension. What does this mean? This means that 95% of the carbon fiber sleeve does not come in contact with the barrel creating cooling air pockets for the barrel. These air pockets allow for cold bore to warm bore repeatability which have affects on accuracy when shooting. The inclusion of the fluted barrel aids in reduce weight and surface area for increased cooling. The Waypoint barrels can be purchased in either a carbon fiber wrapped sleeve or just a fluted stainless steel barrel.

The Waypoint barrels also feature a SA Radial Brake. This muzzle device allows for the Waypoint to reduce recoil by directing the gas in an outward direction.

.75 MOA Guarantee

After years of engineering, testing, and evaluation of the Model 2020 Waypoint rifles. Along with using state of the art materials to deliver accuracy expected from a custom built rifle. Springfield Armory guarantees a .75 MOA—for a three shot group at 100 yards using match grade ammunition, in the hands of a skilled marksman.

The Stock

When designed the stock of the Model 2020 Waypoint Springfield decided to go carbon fiber. Springfield worked with AG Composite to design and develop a line of carbon fiber stocks for the Waypoint series of rifles. All Waypoint stocks are hand-layed and made with 100% carbon fiber. The Model 2020 comes in weighing in slightly less than your average AR-15 at 6 lbs and 9 0z.

Other Features

The Model 2020 series of rifles also features a hand-painted carbon fiber stock, available in Ridgeline and Evergreen camouflage. The stock also includes a Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil pad. Which reduces felt recoil for a more comfortable shooting experience. The Model 2020 rifles also use AICS pattern magazines for reliable feeding of ammunition.


The new Model 2020 Waypoint by Springfield Armory was built from the ground up with quality and innovation in mind to give shooters looking for a premium bolt-action rifle that can excel in long-range and hunting applications. The Model 2020 Waypoint is available in .308, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 6.5 PRC. The Waypoint series of rifles retail between $1699-$2,399. Price will be dependent on what caliber you choose and model you select.

What are your thoughts on Springfield’s Model 2020 Waypoint series of rifles? Let us know in the comments below.

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