S.W.O.R.D Defense is a firearms manufacturer out of Sparks, Nevada who focuses on making high quality rifles to meet the modern warfighters needs. Recently, they have just released their PURG-E upper receiver specifically tailored for M855 ammunition. For the uninitiated M855 ammo is your lead core and a special steel “penetrator tip” designed for defeat ballistic plates.

The PURG-E operation is a short stroke gas piston system. The bolt carrier group inside the upper is of ultra lightweight design. Even, with a lightweight BCG the company claims that it has great reliability and doesn’t increase recoil impulse.

The PURG-E upper is compatible with any M4 mil-spec lowers, that is for both semi and select fire rifles.

Below, is the product announcement from S.W.O.R.D Defense regarding the PURG-E upper receiver.

Product Announcement

Sparks, NV — S.W.O.R.D. International’s Defense division has announced immediate availability of the Piston Upper Receiver Group-Enhanced (PURG-E). The PURG-E, which is designed to address problems identified by warfighters with current weapon systems and the M855A1 round. The PURG-E integrates with Mil-Spec lower receivers and was engineered and manufactured to provide a cleaner, highly reliable, and extremely durable operating system.

“The M855A1 has a number of characteristics in its design that make it an effective tool for the warfighter, some of those characteristics such as the increase in chamber pressure and cartridge design make it a liability for existing DoD weapon systems. We designed our PURG-E upper to solve these accuracy, reliability, and durability issues. The PURG-E upper converts existing MIL-Spec lowers to the right system for the M855A1 cartridge. The PURG-E also allows for use of the readily available cartridges such as M855, Mk-262 MOD1, and COTS ammo.”
-Jeremy Elrod, President

New Upper for New Ammo

Created in response to direct feedback from those who have worked in the field, the PURG-E reduces fouling, gas blow-back, identified after adopting new M855A1 ammunition. The PURG-E is an upgrade to the M-4 Carbine, redesigned yet compatible with current issued M-4 Mil-Spec lowers having semi-only or select-fire systems.

Enhanced Features

PURG-E features are centered on the rotating bolt, which is built with added material and radius where it counts most. Other improvements include:

• A driving band ride surface and lubrication groove to minimize the flex seen with a standard ring style bolt configuration.

• A newly designed, incredibly durable ultra-lightweight bolt carrier that substantially reduces unlocking and recoil impulse.

• Enhanced materials used in carrier, bolt, and operating system to increase strength and reliability.

• Proprietary enhanced gas piston system to allow for use of traditional rounds and M855A1

These enhancements make the PURG-E a far more effective tool in the hands of warfighters while maintaining the tried and true proprietary, self-regulating, short-stroke gas piston system.

I was unable to find out a price for PURG-E upper receiver. To learn more check out their website

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