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Recently, the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) has just announced composite cased ammo manufacturer True Velocity as its newest member. True Velocity is a Texas-based ammunition manufactures composite cased ammunition for military, law enforcement and civilian use. Currently, True Velocity ammunition is apart of the Next Generation Squad Weapon program with General Dynamics.

As, a member of SAAMI True Velocity will have full voting rights and a member of True Velocity’s leadership will sit on SAMMI committee. That decision will be made in the upcoming weeks.

True Velocity’s CEO Kevin Boscamp spoke about being voted into SAAMI stating, “ We are honored to have True Velocity voted into membership by SAAMI. Boscamp also touched on the goals of True Velocity, “ Our goal is to continue to push the industry forward in terms of products, manufacturing, safety and technology. Having a seat at the table with SAAMI will help ensure future products are designed and manufactured with the precision consumers deserve.”

Being voted into SAAMI makes True Velocity the first composite cased ammunition manufacturer to be accepted into SAAMI. The company will help set the standard and performance specifications for new cartridges in the future.

For more information on True Velocity visit their website

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