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Yesterday, The Loadout Blog reporter on the raid of Polymer80 by the ATF on Thursday. The focus of the raid was on the online sales of Polymer80’s Buy, Build, Shoot kits. Now, the ATF has presumably begun requesting forfeiture of these Polymer80 build kits from average Americans.

Yesterday, The Firearm Blog received an anonymous email from a reader detailing their experience with ATF requesting their Polymer80 kit. In that email the reader provided corroborating evidence.

The reader stated that on Thursday they were visited by their local ATF agents and were requested to surrender any Polymer80 kits. The reader surrender the kit to the ATF. If not surrender to the ATF, a raid will be conducted on their property to retrieve the Polymer80 kit. The person surrender the kit to his local ATF agents. In doing so the ATF agents provided the person with a Receipt Of Property from. The basis for the “seizure” was the “Polymer80, Inc investigation”, according to the receipt.

Below is excerpt from the email and photos of the Receipt of Property form.

Excerpt From Email

They are also going after customers. Had ATF at my house approximately 1pm yesterday telling me I need to surrender my P80 or he would return to raid my house with a warrant. Enclosed is my surrender sheet for proof. If anyone purchased a “Buy, Build, Shoot” kit from them they will probably be hearing from the ATF as well.

Corroborating Evidence

The information from this Anonymous TFB reader is a critical development in this matter. The ATF prioritization of investigating and cracking down on polymer 80 components and kits is intensifying. The story is ongoing and we will keep you up to date as the story progresses.

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