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By Drew Bryant
September 28th, 2023,

Recently, SOG announced their latest offering in their fixed blade series of knives, the Provider FX. The new fixed blade by SOG was designed to be durable and robust, with clean lines and a sophisticated style. The Provider FX was designed for outdoorsmen, hunters, and everyday carry/self-defense. The new blade from SOG features a 3.75” blade made out of 154CM steel, and this provides the quintessential balance of corrosion, blade hardening, and ease of sharpening your knife.

Below is the product description from SOG.

Product Description

The Provider FX begins with a 3.75-inch, 154CM steel blade—a material hailed in premium knife circles for its exceptional toughness, hardness and corrosion resistance—with a drop-point and durable stonewashed finish. Its tang is full-sized, providing an ergonomic handle with convenient finger groove behind the bolster and pommel extension for optimal retention and control. Plus, jimping across the blade spine and the pommel ensures a no-slip grip through any outdoor cutting task.

What more could an outdoorsman ask for? How about a tang with eye-catching, easy-to-remove green G10 scales contoured to perfectly match the tang profile and offer a sure hold, even in wet conditions? A feature welcomed by outdoorsmen who prefer a thin grip or like the look of a sleek, one-piece fixed blade, this allows the handle to quickly adapt to suit the needs of any situation.

“The Provider FX delivers all the favored attributes of a fixed blade in a design that is lightweight, easy to carry and highly adaptable,” said Jamin Horst, Brand Manager. “It’s the best of all worlds, quickly and easily allowing users to configure it for the ultimate comfort, convenience, customization and style.

The Provider FX is available now on SOG’s website and retails for $149.95. The Provider FX also features a lifetime warranty and can also be customized to add a little bit of personality to your fixed blade. To learn more about the Provider FX or to explore SOG’s extensive selection of outdoor and camping gear, click here.

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