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Timney Triggers is known for making high-quality drop in triggers for AR-15/AR-10 platform. Now, Timney is taking that expertise and introducing their first line of drop in competition triggers for the Glock Gen 3 and 4 pistols.

Timney’s trigger bar and sear are Teflon nickel treated with an incredible pull weight of 3 lbs. Making it potentially one of the first drop-in triggers to achieve that goal. All glock parts and springs are kept. The trigger has a nice clean and crisp break and no gunsmiting required to install.

Below, is Timney Triggers Product Announcement on their Glock Competition triggers.

Product Description

Phoenix, Arizona (January, 2021 — Timney Triggers, the oldest and largest trigger manufacturer in the world, also the leader of the aftermarket and OEM trigger industry, announced today their next chapter for the 75-year-old iconic brand – The Timney Alpha Competition Series of triggers for handguns.

First in the Alpha Series line-up is a replacement trigger for the Glock Generation 3 and 4 pistols.

With a factory pull weight of 3 pounds, the Timney Alpha Competition trigger answers the long call for a trigger that has the same feel and performance that matches the reliability of the Glock system by providing an improved trigger design that does not sacrifice any part of the Glock reliability.

Keeping up with Timney’s honored commitment to listening to their customers, the trigger can be installed easily with no gunsmith needed. With an MSRP of $164.99, Timney delivers at very competitive price point.

What do you think about Timney’s new Glock Competition Trigger? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. To whom it may concern. I just got a Shadow Systems DR920 and would like to know if you have a trigger that fits the DR920? Also I live in Canada,do you ship to Canada?
    Thank you so much. Glenn

    • Hey Glenn,
      First off, good choice on Shadow System DR920. They make good pistols down there with a great warranty. Second, it is built off of the Glock Gen 3 platform or architecture. So, any drop in trigger for a Gen 3 Glock would work. I suggest Overwatch Precision, Tactical Platoon, or Timney Triggers for a solid drop-in trigger. From what I know you should be able to get them shipped to Canada. But, I would check your local laws. I have no clue on Canadian gun laws.

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