Recently, we have been seeing a lot of love for SIG’s elder statesman pistols that helped build the brand as we know today. Now, SIG is offering a Pro Cut Slide for their P229 series of pistols.

Let’s take a brief look into the history of the P229 pistol. The P229 was the evolution from the SIG P226 pistol. The P226 was originally apart of the US Army’s XM9 Service Pistol trials, in an effort to replace the 1911 as US service pistol. SIG Sauer didn’t win the contract for the new service pistol, it was the Beretta 92 FS. Even without winning the XM9 trials SIG was able to gain adoption of the P226 by other military and law enforcement agencies. A few years later the compact version, the P228 was created. Then, after that a few more enhancements and upgrades were implemented and introduced as the P229.

On June 29th, SIG Sauer announced the release of their Pro-Cut Slide for the P229 pistol. The new pistol is just like it’s P226 variant, it’s a factory replacement for existing P229 pistols. The new Pro-Cut slide features window cuts, XRay 3 Day/Night Sights, and optics ready slide. The new slide will fit Trijicon RMR pattern footprint red dot optics.

Below, the product description for the new Pro-Cut Slide for the P229 pistol.

Product Description


Enhance your P229 with this optics-ready PRO-Cut slide assembly.

Availability: In Stock
Price $399.99


Factory replacement RX Slide Assembly for the P229-1 9MM.

-Optic ready with sight cover plate.
-X-RAY3 night-sights
-Stylized relief cuts

Compatible with 229-1* frames and barrels.
Optics Compatibility: ROMEO1PRO, Delta Point Pro, and RMR (requires RMR sealing plate)

This slide does not void your P229 warranty

Please Note
This slide is intended for use with factory SIG SAUER 9MM threaded or non-threaded barrels, guide rods, and recoil springs. Compatible with ROMEO1PRO red dot sight.

*229-1 pistols are the latest version of our P229. All P229s that shipped in a 40/357 configuration or a 9MM that has a rectangular barrel chamber when viewed from the top(vs trapezoidal) are 229-1 compatible. Most 229-1 9MM barrels are stamped “P229-1.

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