Yesterday, Walther Arms released its successor to its popular PPQ lineup of pistols. It has been about 11 years since the introduction of Walther PPQ back in 2010. Walther has taken the customer feedback along with their excellent engineering expertise to create the Walther PDP series of pistols.

The Walther Performance Duty Pistol or PDP for short is an evolution of design by Walther engineers. The engineers have seamlessly married the design language and engineering of PPQ series and their Q5 Match series into one. This marriage of design and extreme functionality gave birth to the Walther PDP series of pistols.

The Walther PDP features excellent ergonomics, SuperTerrain Slide Serrations, a new Performance Duty Trigger, and is optics red out of the box.

Now, let’s take a look at these features individually


Walther’s are know for having excellent ergonomics with pistols such as the PPQ and Q5 Match series of pistols. That lineage continues with the PDP. The Walther PDP features the Q5 Match ergonomic language with adjustable back straps to accommodate vary sized hands. Walther developed a Performance Duty Grip for the PDP. This grip texture is aggressive which allows for shooters to maintain a proper grip when shooting even in adverse conditions. Walther tested the grip design in some of the harshest conditions to make sure you can have a firm grip no matter the situation.

Walther has not only improved the texture but has taken the ergonomic design to another level. Engineers at Walther have introduced a new ergonomic designed feature called, Red Dot Sight Ergonomics. The ergonomics of the Walther PDP has been designed in a way to allow for shooters to quickly pickup their red dot when presenting their pistol. This is achieved by engineering pinky pressure, offhand support, and inclusion of a grip angle that compliments a shooters natural point of aim. The RDS ergonomics are easier for new shooters to make the transition to red dots while allow experience shooters to increase their speed and accuracy with red dots.

SuperTerrain Slide Serrations

The new Walther PDP also features deep and aggressive new slide serrations. Walther calls these SuperTerrain Slide serrations. These slide serrations are designed to stick out slightly. The protrusion and depth of the serrations are designed to give shooters improved manipulation of the slide in any condition.

Performance Duty Trigger

Walther is known for having the best trigger within a striker fired pistol that continues with the PDP. The new Performance Duty Trigger is Walther’s new and improved trigger design. Walther engineers have shorten the length of pull and increased tactile definition of the trigger break. Which creates a shorter length of pull, a distinctive wall, clear crisp break, and short trigger reset. That allows for repeatable accuracy as a shooter.

Optics Ready

All PDP’s models come optics ready. So, if you plan on mounting an optic on your PDP you are ready to go. If you want to run your pistol with old school irons you are good to go also. The PDP gives you the versatility to setup your pistol how you choose. Every Walther PDP comes with a free optics plate. Just reach out to Walther and they can get you the appropriate plate for your optic.


The new PDP comes in three sizes: a full size 4.5’ inch model, a full size 4’ inch model (akin to the G19X), and a 4’ inch compact model. The new Walther PDP retails at $649.99 MSRP. That’s for all three models. Walther is giving us a full loaded pistol at a great value for all the features and innovation it brings to the market.

An Evoluiton In Design and Function

The new Walther PDP is an evolution of design and function. Built from the ground up to serve the needs of our law enforcement professionals and concealed carry practitioners. Giving you enhanced ergonomics, aggressive serrations, optics ready, and a improved trigger. Walter has presented us with the next evolution in the form and function along with pistol dynamics. The Walther PDP series is poised to shake up the market.

What do you think of the new Walther PDP series? Let us know in the comments below.

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