Yesterday, the President released a statement on the third anniversary of the Parkland Shooting. A day in which 14 students and 3 educators lives where stripped from them in an horrific act of violence and selfishness. This type of violence upon our youth is unacceptable and incomprehensible on all levels.

This is a moment that changed thousands of lives in a blink of an eye. Young men and women who will never fulfill the promise of their potential. The futures so bright and limitless now taken away. Never getting the chance to experience the joys of graduating college, marrying, and having children. Nor will they have the chance to live the American dream.

This act of violence has stripped that potential from them and forever changed the dynamics of the families who have lost forever. Your pain shall not be forgotten and your strength shall be admired. We must honor and never forget this violence. We must work together to find the complex answers on how to solve it.

In the statement from President Biden he has made it clear he does not seek to work together for a meaningful way to end violence. The President seeks to go after the tool used instead of the symptoms that lead to this outburst of violence. He doesn’t not seek to answer the hard question on how this violence manifests itself. He seeks to blame an inanimate object for destruction of human lives. Shifting responsibility from the assailant to the tool.

This is the philosophy of this administration. It is not about solving the complex problems of violence here in America. The banning of AR-15’s and “high-capacity magazines” would change nothing. The violence of Parkland would have still occurred. Just because you limit or restrict a weapon doesn’t mean violence stops. What that does mean is the tool of violence changes for the assailant. While the violence remains the same.

As, we can see from the knife epidemic in the United Kingdom is that those who choose violent tactics will simple change the tool. Which means the violence will remain. In 2020, knife crime was at its highest point in ten years according to data from House of Commons Library. As, for homicides knives accounted for 39% of all homicides in the UK. The Mayor of the city of London Sadiq Khan currently has a knife ban instituted. During this ban numbers of attacks haven’t gone down at all. They have actually increased in some regards. There has been an 8% increase in overall knife related crimes and a 18% increase in rape at knife point along with threats of murder since last year.

This shows us two things. First, a knife ban hasn’t stopped the violence. Violent crime with a knife went up 8%. The violence that could be perpetrated by a firearm is now being conducted by a knife. Violence has remained the same the tool of choice has changed. Two, instead of politicians asking the hard questions to root out and diminish this type of violence they blame the tool. This problem of violence is that it is a complex and nuanced. A problem that should be handled with attention and detail. Instead our politicians show us their laziness and ineptitude.

The answer to solving acts of violence is complex and diverse. It must be approached on many levels. It is disingenuous and ignorant to compose it down to the simplest element…the tool. The factor in the equation which is a complete variable.

President Biden’s mission isn’t about making sure this type of violence doesn’t happen again. It is about choosing the lowest common denominator as a way to act like he is trying to reduce violence. He has chosen what is easy instead what is hard and best for us as a nation.

This is not about making communities safer or reducing acts of violence. It is about power and control. The President and his administration seek to strip the power from the people. The power to protect our families, loved ones, and to defend ourselves from the tyranny of men and governments. The founding fathers of this nation understood the importance for the people to be able to protect ourselves from the tyranny of the governments and men.

Now, the government of this nation subverts and destroys the Constitution at every turn. Instead of strengthening it, they weaken it from within with their thirst for power. Now, they seek to remove the people’s ability to protect and defend the constitution. Many politicians want the quiet and peaceful submission of our rights. Asking you to put our trust into government to protect us from all harm and danger. This sets a dangerous precedence and should fill the hearts of all Americans with trepidation of what is to come.

There are two quotes I want to leave you with. First is from Montesquieu, he says, “There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” The second is from Thomas Jefferson, he says, “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for its citizenry.”Heed the wisdom of these men. We must be prepared to fight and defend the Constitution of this great nation. We will fight to protect and defend it at all cost or be prepared to suffer chains of tyranny from men and governments. These are our two options, so choose wisely.

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