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When dealing with basic economic concepts of supply, demand, and scarcity in any economic model will cause the price of a good or service to increase. We are seeing the dynamics of supply, demand, and scarcity play out more and more in the regards to ammunition. Due to the craziness that was known as 2020 it has lead to people buying up guns and ammunition in record numbers. That demand has tapped out the imbedded supply infrastructure, which has lead to unparalleled demand and ammo shortages. This has caused many ammo manufacturers to announce increases in prices for all their pistol, rifle, and shotgun ammunition.

Recently, In late March Fiocchi just announced there would be an minimum increase of 5% on their rimfire, centerfire pistol, rifle, slug, buckshot, and target loads. The price increase takes into effect on April 30th, 2021.

Full details of exact price increases are contained in the press release below from Fiocchi.

Press Release

Thank you for your commitment and support of Fiocchi and B&P Ammunition during these unprecedented times.

We continue to experience materials cost increases including but not limited to copper, lead and zinc. Due to these increases we are announcing an ammunition price increase effective April 30, 2021. All open orders and backorders are subject to the increase and will be repriced accordingly unless we are notified that you would like to cancel.

The following categories are subject to the increases shown below.

Press Release

Fiocchi Announces Ammunition Price Increases for 2021


Centerfire Pistol: 5%-15%
Centerfire Rifle: 5%
Rimfire: 5%
Slug & Buck: 15%
Promotional & Target/Game Shotshells: 7%

Target/Uplandloads: 5%-10%
Please expect new pricing and programs in the coming weeks.


Michael Halleron

Vice President, Sales

These price increases will continue to happen as demand can’t meet supply and lead to scarcity. Over time I believe this trend will continue to happen for the foreseeable future. Recently, Winchester and Browning ammunition just increased their prices due to the overwhelming demand.

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