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Recently, Vickers Tactical announced a unique partnership with a prized super car automaker, Porsche. North Carolina based Hendrick Porsche is the newest brand affiliate sponsor of Vickers Tactical YouTube page.

Larry Vickers and his company Vickers Tactical are highly regarded in the firearms community for his knowledge and expertise. Just as the names Hendrick and Porsche are synonymous for those same qualities within the automotive community. This is a sponsorship that gives both companies a unique opportunity to the firearm industry to reach a new audience they might not normal reach. Which has the potential to bring even more new shooters into the community. Below, is the press release from March 30th from Vickers Tactical.

Press Release


I am extremely proud and honored to announce that Hendrick Porsche of Charlotte, North Carolina, is the newest sponsor for the Vickers Tactical YouTube channel. While it would be noteworthy for anyone in the public eye to affiliate themselves with two renown names like Porsche and Hendrick, it is particularly noteworthy and unprecedented in the firearms industry. I am humbled to be affiliated with two such brands, and I am eager to utilize this opportunity to provide some genuinely exciting and unquestionably unique content to my fans. Expect to see entertaining and educational Porsche video content with extraordinary upgrades and customizations, and don’t be surprised when you see me doing some work with them on the range!
I have become good friends with many of the people that work at Hendrick Porsche and have purchased a number of vehicles from them prior to this partnership. Hendrick Porsche sets the standard for professionalism and customer service. They are a first class operation in every way.
Stay tuned for the delivery of the Hendrick Porsche supplied vehicle later this year, where the whole delivery process, outfitting, and planned customizations will be revealed.
In addition, I want to sincerely thank all of my other sponsors and brand affiliates, and most of all, my fans, supporters, and channel subscribers. I simply could not carry out all of these exciting Vickers Tactical projects without you. As always, whether it be at firearms industry events or just out in public, feel free to come up and introduce yourself, and we can talk guns, gear, and of course, Porsche. LAV out.
Hendrick Porsche Statement:
“The team at Hendrick Porsche is extremely excited to join forces with Larry Vickers and the team at Vickers Tactical. The partnership has grown out of our equal passion for Porsche vehicles and the incredible respect for the knowledge that Larry provides in his area of expertise. Our strong friendship has grown over the years and we look forward to taking care of all of our mutual fans in the future.”
Larry Vickers
Vickers Tactical Inc.”

What do you think about the Vickers Tactical and Porsche sponsorship? Let us know in the comments below.

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