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As, the ammunition shortage of 2020 and 2021 continues to unfold two more ammo manufacturers are advising customers of a price hike coming. This time it’s from Hornady Ammunition and Kent Cartridge. In press releases from the end of April, both Hornady and Kent notified its customers of the inbound price hike coming sometime in June. The price increase is due to the rising cost of acquiring raw materials for the ammunition.

Kent doesn’t give specifics on the percentages of increase you will see on price but, Hornady does. According to Hornady you will see a price increase 7-15% depending on the ammunition.

Below, are the press releases from Hornady and Kent regarding the price increase on ammunition.

Hornady’s Press Release

We have done everything we can to abate a mid-year price increase. We are sure everyone has witnessed the commodity prices as of late; copper recently hit an all-time high of $4.47/lb. Steel, zinc, and lead are all up, along with almost all other items we use in manufacturing. Other raw goods such as cardboard, tape, etc. are also up in price and in tight supply. Freight delays, as well as, pricing are also a challenge. Inbound container shipments from China reached the $8500+ mark, almost double what they were, and the prices continue to climb.

All of this is more than we can absorb. Due to these market changes, we will be forced to take a hard stop price increase June 1, 2021. The price changes will be in the 7-15% range.

Imported Steel Security Products 10-15%
Domestic Steel Products 10-12%
Hornady Ammunition/Components 7-12%
Frontier Branded Items 12-15%
Because this will be a hard stop increase, all orders and items will ship and invoice at the June 1, 2021 pricing, regardless of order placement date. Any backorders calling for shipment before June of 2020, will be canceled.

Please let us know if you would like to cancel any orders, otherwise we will automatically reprice them for you. Net price lists will be available in the next two weeks. For visibility, your sales rep can provide you with an open order report on request.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We hate it, and it is yet another challenge for all of us to overcome in these strange times. As always, we appreciate your support and your business.

Kent’s Press Release

Dear Kent Cartridge Customer,

Thank you for choosing to offer Kent Cartridge products as part of your assortment, we are humbled by your continued support. Like most companies in the shooting sports industry, we are experiencing historic levels of demand for our products.

We are delighted to gain so many new participants to the shooting and hunting community and are excited for the future. This influx of new participants has helped contribute to the increased demand we find ourselves working to meet. I want to assure you that Kent Cartridge is focused on producing product as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of our products.

Throughout the past year, global demand for raw materials and supply chain disruptions have led to increased costs in all aspects of our procurement and production process. As a result, Kent Cartridge will be increasing prices between 8 and 16 percent, effective on all shipments on and after June 1, 2021.

This price increase will apply to all orders, including backorders, unless we receive notice of cancelation. All Kent Cartridge customers will receive updated price lists from their sales reps in the coming days.

We are very grateful to have you as a Kent Cartridge customer and are thankful for your business as we work through these challenges together.

Jell Being

Hornady and Kent become the two latest ammunition manufacturers to increase the price of ammo. Back in March Fiocchi, Remington, and Winchester announced price increases to ammunition due to restrained manufacturing capabilities and a strain on resources.

Do you think the ammo situation will get worse before it gets better? Or will it stay bad? Let us know in the comments below.

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