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Recently, Griffin Armament has released a new lineup of scope rings called SPRM. These rings are available in multiple heights for 30mm, 34mm, and 35mm rifle scopes. The new SPRM rings have AIS (Accessory Interface Suite) which allows you to mount accessories on 5 sides. While the RTO (Rapid Transition Optic) allows for secondary accessory support to mount a red dot optic.

Below, is the detailed press release and specs from Griffin Armament breaking down the new SPRM scope rings.

Press Release

Griffin Armament is a firearm industry manufacturer founded by two Army Infantry sniper qualified combat veterans. Although they are best known for their high-performance signature reducing sound suppressors, founders Austin and Evan Green have recently leveraged their lifelong passion for precision rifle marksmanship and nearly a decade of notable research and development into a completely new product line, The Griffin Armament Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts (SPRM™).
Relatively featureless optics mounts have dominated the market space for nearly half a century. Contemporary mount design and technology dates back to the mid-1980s. This trend of industrywide complacency has officially ended with the announcement of this new product line from Griffin Armament.

Griffin’s SPRM™ rings feature a unique utility patented design that splits the rings on two parallel but offset planes, allowing for the integration of Accessory Interface Suite (AIS™) products on 5 mounting surfaces. This system affords mounting opportunities on both left and right sides, 45-degree mounting surfaces on either side, as well as the top mounting surface to be used for accessory interfaces. Griffin SPRM™ rings deliver unsurpassed flexibility and utility to the discriminating user. Left-handed or right-handed shooters are equally supported with the SPRM™ mounts and accessories.

These rings are available in multiple heights for 30MM, 34MM, and 35MM optics. They are designed to support as many optic and firearm combinations as possible. From rimfire trainers to heavy gas guns and precision bolt guns, there is a Griffin SPRM™ model optimized to fit your rifle setup.

A heavy emphasis on anatomically correct positioning of optics was placed on AIS™ products, leading to the development of the RAPID TRANSITION OPTICS plates. RTO™ plates position secondary non-magnified optics on optical centerline relationship with the stock comb for comfortable, rapid, targeting with a simple roll of the host firearm. These plates currently support the following optic models: Aimpoint ACRO, T1/T2, H1/H2, Comp M5, Sig Romeo, Vortex Spark, Trijicon RMR , SRO, Holosun HE507C HS407C, HS508C, Leupold Deltapoint, J Point, Optima, Dr Optic, Meopta, Insight microdot, Burris Fastfire, Vortex Venom, and Viper, CMORE STS, RTS, STS2, and Vortex razor. Picatinny RTO™ plates are also offered. Flat mount AIS™ products support a myriad of optics as well as Wilcox RAPTAR, Simrad, and Picatinny (STANAG 4694 “NATO Accessory Rail”).

SPRM™ rings are manufactured in the USA at Griffin’s Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Mounts are machined on state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC equipment from 6061 T6 aluminum. Manufacturing in-house provides Griffin Armament with the ability to control quality at levels rarely delivered by contract manufacturers. The geometries of Griffin SPRM™ mounts are machined to part datums probed on each part. Prior to machining, costly manufacturing time is dedicated to each part with Renishaw probe strategies coupled with Renishaw RTS set tool magazines. This ensures critical geometries are machined to positional accuracies of +-.0002”rather than depending on human loading accuracy in a much looser relationship to workholding based datums typically found in traditional optic mount industry manufacturing processes. By bringing aerospace industry segmented production engineering concepts and inspection equipment to optics mount manufacturing, Griffin Armament has successfully enhanced the state of optical mount quality. This persistent dedication to quality ensures that the theoretical mount quality and the actual production mount quality are inseparably linked for uncompromised, superior precision.

Griffin Armament’s unwavering drive and commitment toward the transformation the optic mount market segment will continue to serve as the catalyst for future product development. The SPRM™ mount platform was born from a passion for the pursuit of excellence in product development. The next generation of precision optic mount technology has arrived, Griffin Armament Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts.

SPRM™ Features:

• AIS™ (Accessory Interface Suite) allowing the user to mount accessories on 5 sides of the mount body
• RTO™ (Rapid Transition Optic) accessory support – ability to mount Rapid Transition Optic plates to the system for a 40° offset to the primary optic, maintaining identical optical centerline height
• Ambidextrous support
• Individually probed during the manufacturing process for peerless dimensional consistency
• Stanag 4694 Compliant attachment, for precise return to zero
• Utility patent pending to support future technology development in the electro-optics industry
• Backed by Griffin’s Perpetual™ Lifetime Warranty

SPRM™ Specs:

• 6061 T6 aluminum
• Type 3 milspec hardcoat anodizing
• 12 (qty), 8-40 T15 fasteners for ring clamping
• 4 (qty), 10-32 fiber lock patched T15 fasteners for rail clamping

To find out more about Griffin’s SPRM scope mounts click here,

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