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The firearm industry is familiar with the occasional lawsuit between companies over patent infringement of a potential product design. Recently, we seen Trijicon and Holosun settle a court case in regards to patent infringement. Firearm manufacturers from around the industry put a lot of R&D into these weapons and are understandably concerned about the integrity of their products. Especially, in a highly competitive firearms market. Now, SIG Sauer is suing Springfield Armory for patent infringement.

On Tuesday, May 11th, SIG Sauer issued a press release announcing they are suing Springfield Armory over alleged magazine patent issues between the P365 pistols and Springfield Armory’s Hellcat pistols.

Below, is the press release from SIG Sauer in regards to the lawsuit with Springfield armory.

Press Release

SIG SAUER, Inc. Files P365 Magazine Patent Infringement Case Against Springfield, Inc.

NEWINGTON, N.H., (May 11, 2021) – Today, SIG SAUER, Inc., filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois, Rock Island Division, alleging that Springfield, Inc. (Springfield Armory) infringes two SIG patents relating to SIG’s P365 magazine.

The P365 has seen tremendous commercial success, due to the innovative design of the high-capacity magazine. In its complaint, SIG alleges that Springfield Armory’s making and selling of certain “Hellcat” branded magazines infringes upon two SIG patents. SIG SAUER is seeking injunctive relief, as well as monetary damages for Springfield Armory’s past and ongoing infringement.

Ron Cohen, President, and Chief Executive Officer, made the following statement:

“When the SIG SAUER P365 was introduced it took the market by storm as the most innovative high-capacity, micro-compact pistol to be introduced due to its magazine capacity, and quickly became one of the top-selling handguns in the market due to this unprecedented innovation. SIG is not a litigious company, but given the extent of infringement by Springfield, SIG has a responsibility to protect both our intellectual property and the significant investment we make to develop our innovative products. As a company, we are proud to yield more than 100 patents worldwide, with more than 40 patent applications currently pending, and we will protect the extensive research and design that goes into developing these patents rigorously.

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