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Back in April the mass shootings in cities of Atlanta and Aurora took place in less than a two-week time frame. During these two devastating acts of violence, many media and political pundits theorized when President Biden would take meaningful action and implement stricter gun control policies at a federal level. After, intense uproar and scrutiny from the media and anti-2A organizations, Biden and his administration relented and put forth six executive orders on gun control.

One of the executive orders from the President asked for clarification on what characteristics constitutes a stabilizing brace and what that turns short barrel rifles. In that order, President Biden gave the ATF 60 days to propose updated guidance on stabilizing braces. Now, the ATF is poised to introduce new guidance on stabilizing braces under this executive order.

The new guidance on stabilizing braces hasn’t been published yet but, it is close to hitting the streets soon. The title of the new proposal is: Stabilizing Brace Factoring Criteria. This proposal by the ATF was posted on the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs as of May 17th, 2021.

As, of right now much isn’t known about the proposed guidance on stabilizing braces. The new guidance will be stricter to the policy that is currently in place in regards to braces.

Late last year the firearms industry and community had to deal with potential policy changes to stabilizing brace. The ATF released Objective Factors For Classifying Weapons With A Stablizing Brace. Those proposed changes were met with extreme resistance from the firearms industry and community on the potential changes. In less than a week the proposal was withdrawn from the Federal Register.

As, of this moment we do not know the language in ATF is using in the proposal in regards to stabilizing braces. One could only imagine that the new guidance will be stricter and potentially seek to put braces on the NFA list. Which means that your brace would be controlled and regulated by the federal government. This new guidance on stabilizing braces could have a devastating effect on firearms and the community.

As, more information becomes available in regards to the new proposal we will keep you up to date.

What do you think about the inbound proposal on stabilizing braces. Let us know in the comments below.

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