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The P320 Legion is a common sight now at main USPSA and similar matches its inception. It is one of SIG’s most popular models of the P320 series. Keres Dynamics has add a new layer and customization to the P320 Legion series with a brand new trigger. Recently. Keres Dynamics announced the release of their fully adjustable Legionnaire Competition trigger for P320 X-Five Legion.

Below, is the press release Keres Dynamics on the Legionnaire Competition trigger.

Press Release

Our goal was to develop a competition-oriented trigger for the Legion series handgun. The trigger bar geometry on the Legion Is slightly different than the normal P320. We designed this new trigger to be optimized for the Legion trigger bar. Our new trigger will allow you to adjust the pre-travel and over travel on your trigger, all while retaining the lighter trigger pull of the Legion. Just like our Pro-Comp trigger line, users will likely experience a perceived reduction in pull weight due to the Improved geometry and lower Index point. We also used a unique heat-treating process to ensure that our high strength steel triggers are ready for the rigors of competition.

All Keres Dynamics parts feature an unlimited warranty. Bottom line Is, If It breaks or you are not happy with It, we will replace It. In addition to enhancing functionality, Keres demonstrates their laser focus on developing parts which also improve ergonomics and aesthetics, turning your P320 into the first gun you’ll reach for when heading to the range or competition.

The Legionnaire Competition trigger is available now for purchase in either black or sliver. The new trigger from Keres retails at $96 MSRP and will begin shipping the first week of June.

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