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Finding a quality set of bipods for your designated marksman rifle (DMR) and precision rifle is a tough task. You need bipods that are versatile yet rugged. Designed to meet the wide variety of shooting applications they might be used in. Swagger Bipods seeks to help with dilemma by introducing the SFR-10 QD and SEA-12 bipods. These two new sets of bipods are designed for precision shooters and hunters in mind with a focus on versatility.

Below, is the product description and features of the two new bipods by Swagger.

Product Description

Grand Island, NE – Swagger bipods have earned a reputation for quality and flexibility that’s unmatched in the shooting world, and Swagger is proud to announce a pair of new-for-2021 bipods destined to strengthen that legacy. Both models can serve well in tactical situations and in competition & hunting and offer easy mounting on any Picatinny rail. Both bipods also include the signature Swagger flex that allows for quick, accurate shots. Click here to see both new bipods in action.

The Swagger SEA12 (Extreme Angle) Bipod is adjustable from 9 to 12 inches and offers a flex joint that’s over-molded to add some stability to its swagger. Designed for hunting or tactical situations in which extreme angles may come into play, the SEA12 has an extremely wide range of can and traverse. In addition, if a shooter needs to go even lower than the most effective range of 6 to 10.5 inches, the legs can be adjusted to pivot forward up to 45 degrees. Click here to learn more about the new SEA12.

Swagger’s SFR10 QD (Flex to Rigid, Quick Detach) Bipod is an innovative tactical model which can easily transition from a traditional rigid bipod setup to one with the well-known Swagger flex – and shooters can even fine-tune the amount of flex to suit their situational needs. Like the SEA12, the legs can be adjusted to pivot forward up to 45 degrees to help a shooter go even lower when necessary. Click here to learn more about the new SFR10 QD.


Mounts to Picatinny rail

Overmolded Flex Ready joint for a more stable shooting platform

Designed for hunting or shooting situations where extreme angles apply

Offers extreme can and traverse

Legs can be set at a 45º angle for a lower shooting position

Offers plenty of clearance for magazine changes


Quick Detach

Mounts to Pic rail

Designed for long-range hunting, competition shooting, and combat situations

Adjustable flex tension allows the shooter to fine-tune flexibility to the situational need

Easily adjustable from flexible to rigid

Legs can be set at a 45º angle for a lower shooting position

Offers the ability to quickly acquire & visually maintain a target in any terrain

Provides plenty of clearance for magazine changes

Swagger Bipods are made in the USA, incorporating numerous unique high-performance features, including our patented Flex Ready Technology built into many of our products. At Swagger, we are confident our bipods will do for you what no bipod has ever done before, and back this claim with our Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Swagger bipods are also covered by our Shoot With Confidence Guarantee. If your Swagger bipod does not give you more shooting flexibility and more shooting confidence, send the product back to us within 30 days of purchase, with proof of purchase from an authorized dealer, and we will buy it back. No questions asked.

For more information, please visit the WWW.SWAGGERBIPODS.COM

The new Swagger SEA-12 and SFR-10 QD start at $169.99 MSRP and are available now on Swagger’s website.

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