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Anderson Manufacturing is known for making budget-friendly complete AR-15 rifles. As, well as uppers, lowers, barrels, and other rifle components for the AR-15 platform. For the third year running Anderson has claimed the #1 spot for Miscellaneous Firearms Production. Anderson produced over 300,000 firearms last year. Outranking other firearm giants such as Palmetto State Armory, Brownells, Ruger, and Sig Sauer.

Anderson Manufacturing has been one of the nation’s largest firearm producers specifically in the realm of rifles. Shooting Industry magazine reported that Anderson produced 342,271 miscellaneous firearm products. Beating out 2019’s total of 322,546. A jump of almost 20,000 from 2019 totals. The ATF classifies miscellaneous firearms as ones not included in their other firearm categories of firearm frames or receivers that aren’t identified as a particular firearm.

The ATF annual tracks and reports on rifles, shotguns, and handguns but, does not currently track the sale of individual firearm receivers. When it comes down to Anderson it is a budget-friendly option for first-time AR builders out there. Which that potential number has potentially dramatically grown with the inclusion of 8 million new firearm owners.

It will be see how those numbers will potentially grow or decrease due to the high demand for parts. While the supply and shortage of metals become harder and more expensive to acquire due to the supply chain disruption that is affecting all industries.

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