Meridian Defense Corporation(MDC) is known for making some of the best-built AKs in all the land. Their rifle builds are high sought after within the firearms community especially the AK community. Recently, the company’s Special Projects Division finished the successful and profitable Apocalypse series of AK-47s. The Apocalypse series was based off The Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse. The new series of limited edition AK’s will be influenced by the seven deadly sins from the Bible. Each rifle will be named after a corresponding sin (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride). The first one up to bat for Meridian Defense seven deadly sins series is Lust.

Lust is based off of Meridian Defense Pestilence AK build. The major difference between the two rifles is that Lust will feature a triangle stock instead of a wooden stock that is on the Pestilence. The Lust is built off a Romanian parts kit on a MDC-47 stamped receiver. The receiver also fitted with a side scope rail for mounting optics. The rifle features 14.5’ inch CMV barrel with black nitride finish with a pinned and welded MDC BD2-51 muzzle device. The welded muzzle device creates an overall barrel length of 16.1 inches. Meridian Defense has a multitude of muzzle devices to choose from companies such as: SilencerCo, Dead Air Silencers, Lantac, and Battle Arms. Customers can choose the muzzle device they want when ordering their personal Lust.

The MDC Lust also features: an MDC gas block/front sight block, UltiMAK railed gas tube, and a Tango Down pistol grip. Lust metal is finished with Meridian’s custom battle-worn paint job. While the wood foregrip is finished in MDC’s Apocalypse finish to bring the rifle together.

The new MDC Lust is available now for order and retails at $2,149 MSRP. For a little extra Meridian Defense also offers KNS adjustable gas block for $149 and ALG trigger for $65 to customize your build even more.

What do you think of MDC’s new Lust rifle? Let’s us know in the comments below.

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